Tuesday, February 28, 2017

I'm a grown up....?

I think I've grasped the concept of adulting.

As I mentioned in my previous post, this is the year that I want to grow and essentially 'become an adult'. It's the year that I put my future in focus rather than leaving Vancouver on a regular basis for holidays.

I've started my job hunt for an entry-level Human Resources position back in early February and wow... it's insanely hard. I've been to a few promising interviews only to get shot down at the final round because someone happens to have a little bit more over me. I absolutely hate being told I'm a strong candidate but unfortunately someone has a little bit more experience.

I'm currently waiting to see if I made it to the short list for one of the companies I applied for and interviewed with last Wednesday. I absolutely loooooove this company (already) and really hope they consider me for this position!

In addition to looking for jobs on an near daily basis, I've also started meal prepping. I figured, if I want to pay off my student loans ASAP, I need to drastically change my financial habits. I would spend about $6-7 on my lunches everyday at work and at the time, it doesn't look too much but eventually when I load up Mint, I see the bigger picture. Every paycheque I get, I automatically deduct $200 for expenses and put the rest into repaying my loans back, and ever since I meal prepped, I'm surprised I can survive on $200 bi-weekly! The great thing is that I don't even do 'roll overs' so if I don't spend my entire $200, I include the left over into my debt repayment.

My meals are heavily protein based because I hit the gym a few times a week. But, nonetheless, it's very nice to see how much money I can save just because I take a few hours out of my weekend to do a week's meal prep! I'm also starting to slowly try new recipes and pick up new cooking tips and tricks.

One of my other accomplishment just happened a few hours ago. I finally purchased a new table and decluttered my desk.

The new desk is significantly smaller than my old one which gives me more room in my bedroom and less space to be tempted to clutter my desk with. The only thing I keep on my desk now is my laptop, lamp, two decors, and my make up. I'm going to eventually downgrade my make up collection as well because my make-up routine is very simple.

It's so nice and refreshing to declutter and look at a new change! I'm on a path to minimalism and I absolutely love it. I'm going through my closet every day to see what I don't need and I now consider purchasing clothes that can be worn for work and outings, rather than buying things on sales or just for one occassion.

Literally, I've only spent $10 on clothes this year...(so far)!

Adulting isn't as bad as I thought it'd be... I'm looking to start my career; I meal prep to save money; and now that I'm adapting a minimalism lifestyle, I don't shop or waste money anymore. I prioritize my debt over my wants of travelling and that's a bit difficult but the idea of getting rid of my school loans is very rewarding.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Hello, 2017!

Can you believe 2017 has arrived?! I swear it was just yesterday that 2016 began...

2017 is my 'grown up' year. It's the year that I start to pay back my student loans. It's the year I get my first real adult job starting with an entry-level HR job. It's the year that I prioritize my expenses (such as bills, debts, etc) rather than spending my money on vacations and hobbies.

I also have several mini goals such as: get back into driving more; getting more serious about photography; visit interior BC; get into cooking and baking more; embrace the minimalist lifestyle a bit more; better my financial habits; cross a few more things off my bucket list.

A colleague of mine told me, "I don't believe in New Year resolutions because if I was serious about changing something, why would I wait?". That resonated with me but didn't stop me from keeping a mental list of goals and achievements I'd like to accomplish. I mean, he's right - why wait an entire year just to change? I get the feeling 2017 will be a great year. It'd be more laid back (I won't be travelling as much) but it's more of a development year than an adventurous year, I would say.

I'd also share with you what I've been up to for the last month of 2016.

One the first day of snow fall in Vancouver, Laura and I built a snowman outside the gym, haha. As you can imagine, it was very slow at work....

I attended one of my best friend's birthday party and overslept the next day.
Things started to get festive at work. Plus, it was Madison's last day!
On Christmas Day.

Friday, December 30, 2016

A Happy List | Vol. 2

+ I finally reached my two years old goal of donating blood earlier this month! I've been so keen on this goal for the longest time because I figured, hey, I'm healthy AF, so why not donate some blood to save someone?! In fact, one pint of blood saves four people. Donating blood is the sole reason why and how I got into the gym and weight training.

+ I did major damage to my wallet during Black Friday and 2.5 weeks later, I returned majority of it except for a $5 tee shirt and an in-home laser hair removal device. Needless to say, I'm very happy I didn't fall for the all those sales. My co-worker did enabled me to purchase a big order and despite how nice the clothes were... they were still big on me for a size small.

+ Snow hit Vancouver for the first time in a few years and the city came to a halt. There was one day where I waited more than hour for public transit before calling in a snow day at work. Cars were stuck on the roads or barely even moving; it was horrible. I usually open the gym 1 to 2 times a week which requires me to be out the door at 4:15AM and drive down to work... well, this one particular Tuesday proved to be a hassle since it got stuck and didn't even move one bit.

+ My degree came in! I officially graduated on November 16th. 

+ I applied to a shit ton of new HR jobs (that I feel are more entry-level than the previous batch) and hoping to receive a call for the new year soon. There's one company that is founded by a member of the gym and I usually book his tan in the mornings so I hope he reviews my resume and recognizes me, haha. 

One the best perks of working a 5am shift - catching the sunrise against the mountains #yvr #pacificnorthwest

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

EP. 11 - Goodbye, New Zealand Vlog! (New Zealand Trip Recap pt. 5)

Come February 2017, it'd be a year since I visited New Zealand and I still feel like it was only yesterday that I was basking in the hot sun and tanning within ten minutes.

I've travelled across the ocean alone before but I met my family on the other side. New Zealand marked the first overseas trip I've completed by myself and marked the first solo travel experience (aside from those weekend getaways down to Seattle). I couldn't have asked for a better place to start my travelling experience and couldn't ask for a better way to meet Kendel and experience Auckland through a native Kiwi.

I can definitely see myself returning to New Zealand  - for what? a vacation? a new life? Who knows. But I do see myself walking the streets of downtown Auckland again and revisiting Oriental Bay in Wellington, and definitely soaking the hot water on Hot Water Beach.

Never change, New Zealand. I'd be back!

Monday, December 26, 2016

EP. 9 & 10 - Hello Coromandel Vlogs! (New Zealand Trip Recap pt. 4)

I had about a few hours left in Wellington before I was due to head back to Auckland. I spent it at Oriental Bay and contemplated about life because it was so peaceful in the morning.

After two days in Wellington, Kendel suggested we visit Coromandel because it's a must for any visitors. We headed straight to Coromandel after she picked me up form the airport and... wow, just wow.

The coastline is beautiful. It was a rainy and foggy day when we drove up there but it was nonetheless, breathtaking. The roads were windy which gave me a slight dizziness but 10/10 would definitely go back to Coromandel!

Wellington International Airport

We arrived just around dinner time where Kendel's family cooked a delicious lasagna dish.

The next day, it was raining like crazy. I absolutely love the rain, it's really relaxing but I'm still not used to warm rain, if that makes sense. During my time in NZ, Kendel and I got hooked on Teen Wolf so we spent the day watching episodes of Teen Wolf, and going into the downtown area to try to catch a hockey game. We also spent the rainy day playing Sims :P

Got bless the day after because the hot sun came out on my last day in Coromandel. We went to Hot Water Beach which is known for its hot water... in the beach, haha. Kendel told me it's a popular area and thing to dig a hole in the beach and essentially relax in the hole because the water in this beach is just hot.

Look at the contrast from cloudy to sunny!

My favourite place in the world is the airport but New Zealand definitely changes my views on beach. I mean, I live by the oceanside as well in Vancouver but it's nothing compared to this!