Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Collective Haul: Joe Fresh, Value Village, DVDs + Others!

Over the past few weeks, I went to shopping sprees and mini shopping trips. Ugh, it's so bad because I want to save for school and summer :(! But I always see these cheap stuff, it just makes me want to roll my bank card! Either way, this post is image heavy (okay, NOT thaaaat much... but still) of just the random stuff I've purchased recently.

Let's hope that I don't spend anymore and save up my next few paychecks!

From Joe Fresh:
Joe Fresh is so underrated... great stuff for a great price! Really modern stuff, love love love it.

A bright pink rain poncho! Since Spring is closing in, it usually means RAIN in Vancouver! I'm not making the same mistakes as before... not going to be soaking wet!

I bought 2 of these because they were only $8 and 100% Cotton! I got one in  a slightly darker green than this and a light purple :)

Yeeeee buddy... bright yellow rainboots! Ya'll gonna be jealous when you see me in these and my feet are perfectly warm and not soaked, haha.

From Value Village:
When I went to shop at VV, I didn't expect to pick so much. I just wanted maybe one or two jackets for Spring but ended up grabbing almost everything I picked off the rack. Regardless, it was still better than buying all these in full price!

A light jacket/windbreaker from Gap! Originally this is about $80-$90 but got it for $17.99! Bonus: it's waterproof too! Perfect for the upcoming season.

A Roxy jacket for $4.99. I probably only owned like 2 Roxy stuff but I'm still a fan of their brand. I just have a hard time finding Roxy stuff in Vancouver.

A TNA light jacket for $12.99. TNA stuff usually retails to about $60+. I'm not a big fan of TNA and to be honest, this is the first TNA thing I own but... the jacket did look good on me, haha.

Hollister hoodie for $6.99. I'm not a Hollister fan but I realized I don't have a pink hoodie (and I want a pink hoodie!) so I ended up grabbing this. Really light and perfect for the warmer days or when I go to work.

A summer dress for $9.99. I saw it on a rack and was iffy about it but my friend and the dressing room associate both said it was super cute and for $10, it's not that bad. Looking back, I probably wouldn't have paid $10 but whatever, it's still a cute dress!

A SUPER COMFY sweater cardigan for $7.99!! All the ones that I got are either too light or too much piling so I get cold but I can't wait to use this for those summer nights on the beaches :)
Finally, I just purchased these random stuff:
From Call it Spring! (aka Spring shoes store). I've always wanted a cute backpack for going out because I was getting tired of carrying bags or having such a small bag... loooove it!

From Old Navy. Honestly, it doesn't look that stiff in person, haha. 

I get a lot of DVDs on staff prices so when they're cheap, they get cheaper for me. I found a lot of triple sets so I grabbed them instantly. Just a few DVDs I picked up from Best Buy, Future Shop, Superstore, HMV and eBay.
 Aaaaaaaaaaand that concludes my collective haul of random purchases. Like I said, I'm thrilled I got these but I gotta stop spending now :(

Until next time!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

25 facts about me

Week 4/52: Funny Business

Hello! As my blog is gaining new viewers and readers everyday, I figured I'd share 25 random facts about me for my readers to get to know me more: 
  1. My middle name is Claire.
  2. My favourite sports includes swimming, archery, floor hockey and basketball. But by no means am I an athletic person.
  3. My dream place to visit would be India. I am just fascinated by the entire Indian culture.
  4. I'm a Canadian Born Chinese but I don't speak any Cantonese/Mandarin. 
  5. I'm Christian. I found God before I fully knew he existed.
  6. I wear size 2-3 shoes. Yes, kids size.
  7. My longest job is the job I have right now (as of March 2013, it's been 16 months!)
  8. I've been dying my hair since 3rd grade but my hair is still healthy! :D
  9. My dream job would be Director of Human Resources or Manage of HR for a big business.
  10. Growing up, I told myself I want to be married by mid 20s, before 30... don't think that'll happen! 
  11. I love to read - something a lot of people get surprised by.
  12. I have a fear of all animals except for small dogs. I got over my fear of dog when I first met Summer (my Maltipoo dog).
  13. I've lived in Canada all my life but I've never been around BC or outside of Alberta.
  14. I wear a ring that looks like an engagement ring on my ring finger. The ring itself symbolizes something else but for the fun of it, when people ask, I usually tell them I'm in an arranged marriage.
  15. I love Simple Plan so much, at one point, I declined getting an iPhone 3 and wanted the Nokia phone because Simple Plan was sponsoring it.
  16. My first concert was The Vengasboys when I was overseas in China.
  17. I got my drivers licenses but I don't know how to park and switch lanes... yes, I'm still working on it.
  18. I've been blogging for about 8-9 years already. My first blog was on MSN Spaces.
  19. This is strange, but I don't get along with girls very well. A lot of my friends are guy and my workplace is guy dominated (on the sales floor, there's only 4 girls in total). I have a few best girl friends but otherwise, it'd be hard for me to make friends with a girl.
  20. My favourite genres of movies includes horror, action, thriller, suspense, foreign, comedy, drama. I really hate romance and/or chick flicks. I love action, gore and all that jazz.
  21. I love history. I've studied the Holocaust since 3rd grade. My favourite period of history to read would be WWII and The Rape of Nanking. If you're from BC, you'll understand this: by the time I graduated, I've taken all the Social Studies courses available in the BC Curriculum (eg. SS 8-11, History 12, Comparative Civilizations 12, BC First Nations 12, Social Justice 12 and even Civics 11 as an elective).
  22. I know more Punjabi than I know Cantonese/Mandarin.
  23. I have 11 piercings. 
  24. I can't stand rude people. I wouldn't even attempt to be nice to you, my "b****y" side just comes out naturally.
  25. I love speaking in an Indian accent. Sometimes, it'll come out of nowhere.
And there you go! 25 facts about me! :)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I don't like following people via Google... :/

Look at this!!!

Yes, that's right...
I don't follow people on Google! 
Maybe like 6 years ago I would have followed everyone and everything on Google but when I reactivated my Blogger, I deleted every blog I followed via Google and transferred them to Bloglovin'.

A lot of people don't use Bloglovin' and to be honest, I was on the same page too. It was until recently that I decided to use Bloglovin instead of built in RSS readers. I have no idea why but I prefer this a lot better...

So, I just want to clear it up that there are a billion blogs out there that are worth following but I just follow them via Bloglovin'. I know, you don't get a +1 on your followers widget :( 

But it'll just be super hard to manage if I had double subscription services.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

My 5 Favourite Thrifting Tips

Thrifting is something I enjoy to do and to be honest, it's a guilty pleasure of mines that I am sometimes afraid to admit to my close friends. People deem thrifting as a 'poor person/cheap person' way to shop, but in all honesty, thrifting is just saving money.

I haven't been thrifting my entire life. If anything, I just started in September 2012 and my previous thrifting trip was back in January. You can read more about it here.

So, today as a novice thrifter, I present to you 5 of my favourite tips that I've accumulated over time:

  • Make a list... and stick to it! 
Because thrifting is soooo cheap, it's easy to go overboard. There are so many times when I walked into my thrift store and told myself I only needed a jacket, the next thing I knew, I was picking up three jackets, jeans, tons of shirts, etc. I even pick up random things such as picture frames, necklaces, etc. when I don't even need them!

Next thing you know, you're not even saving money because you're going on another shopping spree. Make a list of items you really need and put away anything you don't need.
  • Take your time. 
If you want a good deal, you need time and patience. If you think you can just zip in and out of a thrifting store, no! You want to dedicate at least 2 hours of your time (I'm serious!) because there are a lot of items to sift through (assuming your local thrifting store is huge! I know some can be super small).

You want to sift through item by item because a lot of time people will skip a few items and miss out on a really good deal.
  • Do you really need it? Do you really have time to DIY?
My best friend told me, "If you ever doubt it, leave it."
Ever since that, whenever I feel doubtful about an item, I just ditch it... because deep inside, I know I don't want it. Unless I got like 25 people telling me it looks amazing, I would usually leave it. You want to buy the item(s) when you love it and you're positive you will see yourself wearing it in the future.

This tip goes to DIY-ers. A lot of time, thrift stores will have furniture or clothes that can be fixed up or altered. It's great if you got some DIY skills but unless you're 100% sure you have enough time and dedication to fixing it up, skip it. It's so easy to pile up broken items for a fix-me-up because stores will obviously lower the price. But in all honesty, if you can't dedicate your time to fix it, don't bother getting it.

  • Check carefully.
I've been a victim of this a few times. I see something so good, I just drop it in my basket without checking it out. When I try it on, I get excited and forget to double check the item itself. This happens.

Before you even put it in your basket, inspect it carefully. Make sure there's no rips, stains, loose threads, etc. Unless it's a quick fix-me-up such as a loose button, then that's fine. But if there's a gigantic hole or a stain you know you can't get rid of, leave it. I wouldn't even bother asking for a lower price.
  • Bring a friend :)
I tend to thrift with a friend. It's fun! There are so many random things you find there, it's nice to share it with a friend and have a good laugh about it. Especially if you're still new and aren't comfortable thrifting by yourself, bringing a friend really helps!

PS: Don't forget to wash your items! Most stores will prewash it, but throw it in your own wash before wearing it out.

Friday, March 1, 2013

I just shaved my face!

Remember how I posted about shaving your face?

After a day of shopping with my best friend, I came home, relaxed and found the package of the Tinkle razors staring right at me...

I texted my friend and told her how I really wanted to shave but I was super nervous... she told me it's not bad so rewatching the video again to see how Michelle shaves her face, I took out one of the razors and started.

It was super weird. I shaved only my upper lip and by the end of it, I felt a bit stingy around the area so I moisturized it. I guess it got a bit stingy because my skin was a bit dry but Michelle recommended not to have any products on your face.

Regardless, I was pretty satisfied with it. I finally got to shave my arch bow and it literally took less than a minute or so. It's completely hairless compared to my EpiStick that I had to run over the area a few times... plus, the EpiStick did hurt a bit! My upper lip is pretty much smooth right now!

Now I'm a bit nervous to see how it grows out but I hope it doesn't take that fast to grow :/ I can justify shaving once per week or so but if I have to do it maybe every other day, I might switch back to my EpiStick instead.

Until then.

What do you mean I can shave my face?!

Growing up, I've been told not to shave my face - whatsoever! So to get rid of my facial hair, I use an EpiStick (it's like an epilator) for my upper lip and threading for my eyebrows.

Up until a few weeks ago, I was just fooling around on YouTube and stumbled across this video:

It's a face shaving tutorial by Michelle Money from The Bachelor. It's something you must watch even if you believe you shouldn't shave your face!

I know she mentioned she gets her Tinkle razors from Amazon, but I couldn't find any on Canada's Amazon so I ordered mines off eBay.

I'm not going to lie, even though I got the package in my hands and I've watched the video like a billion times (and read some reviews on it), I'm still nervous to actually shave my upper lip... :$
But, I'd let you guys know how it turns out when I do!