Friday, March 1, 2013

I just shaved my face!

Remember how I posted about shaving your face?

After a day of shopping with my best friend, I came home, relaxed and found the package of the Tinkle razors staring right at me...

I texted my friend and told her how I really wanted to shave but I was super nervous... she told me it's not bad so rewatching the video again to see how Michelle shaves her face, I took out one of the razors and started.

It was super weird. I shaved only my upper lip and by the end of it, I felt a bit stingy around the area so I moisturized it. I guess it got a bit stingy because my skin was a bit dry but Michelle recommended not to have any products on your face.

Regardless, I was pretty satisfied with it. I finally got to shave my arch bow and it literally took less than a minute or so. It's completely hairless compared to my EpiStick that I had to run over the area a few times... plus, the EpiStick did hurt a bit! My upper lip is pretty much smooth right now!

Now I'm a bit nervous to see how it grows out but I hope it doesn't take that fast to grow :/ I can justify shaving once per week or so but if I have to do it maybe every other day, I might switch back to my EpiStick instead.

Until then.


  1. I salute you for having the courage to do that!
    Post pictures :)
    I really like your blog and maybe you'd like mine too? Follow each other? Let me know!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I will post pictures maybe the next time I shave, haha. Thank you, I'll check out your blog too! :)


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