Tuesday, March 12, 2013

25 facts about me

Week 4/52: Funny Business

Hello! As my blog is gaining new viewers and readers everyday, I figured I'd share 25 random facts about me for my readers to get to know me more: 
  1. My middle name is Claire.
  2. My favourite sports includes swimming, archery, floor hockey and basketball. But by no means am I an athletic person.
  3. My dream place to visit would be India. I am just fascinated by the entire Indian culture.
  4. I'm a Canadian Born Chinese but I don't speak any Cantonese/Mandarin. 
  5. I'm Christian. I found God before I fully knew he existed.
  6. I wear size 2-3 shoes. Yes, kids size.
  7. My longest job is the job I have right now (as of March 2013, it's been 16 months!)
  8. I've been dying my hair since 3rd grade but my hair is still healthy! :D
  9. My dream job would be Director of Human Resources or Manage of HR for a big business.
  10. Growing up, I told myself I want to be married by mid 20s, before 30... don't think that'll happen! 
  11. I love to read - something a lot of people get surprised by.
  12. I have a fear of all animals except for small dogs. I got over my fear of dog when I first met Summer (my Maltipoo dog).
  13. I've lived in Canada all my life but I've never been around BC or outside of Alberta.
  14. I wear a ring that looks like an engagement ring on my ring finger. The ring itself symbolizes something else but for the fun of it, when people ask, I usually tell them I'm in an arranged marriage.
  15. I love Simple Plan so much, at one point, I declined getting an iPhone 3 and wanted the Nokia phone because Simple Plan was sponsoring it.
  16. My first concert was The Vengasboys when I was overseas in China.
  17. I got my drivers licenses but I don't know how to park and switch lanes... yes, I'm still working on it.
  18. I've been blogging for about 8-9 years already. My first blog was on MSN Spaces.
  19. This is strange, but I don't get along with girls very well. A lot of my friends are guy and my workplace is guy dominated (on the sales floor, there's only 4 girls in total). I have a few best girl friends but otherwise, it'd be hard for me to make friends with a girl.
  20. My favourite genres of movies includes horror, action, thriller, suspense, foreign, comedy, drama. I really hate romance and/or chick flicks. I love action, gore and all that jazz.
  21. I love history. I've studied the Holocaust since 3rd grade. My favourite period of history to read would be WWII and The Rape of Nanking. If you're from BC, you'll understand this: by the time I graduated, I've taken all the Social Studies courses available in the BC Curriculum (eg. SS 8-11, History 12, Comparative Civilizations 12, BC First Nations 12, Social Justice 12 and even Civics 11 as an elective).
  22. I know more Punjabi than I know Cantonese/Mandarin.
  23. I have 11 piercings. 
  24. I can't stand rude people. I wouldn't even attempt to be nice to you, my "b****y" side just comes out naturally.
  25. I love speaking in an Indian accent. Sometimes, it'll come out of nowhere.
And there you go! 25 facts about me! :)

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