Wednesday, May 29, 2013

How do I break it down that I'm a personal blogger?

Have any of you guys ever experienced this awkward moment when you're conflicted to telling the person you're dating that you're a blogger? Regardless if you're a lifestyle, beauty, photography blogger... the fact that you just own a blog.
This blog is probably the only social media outlet that I don't share with people I know in real life (and if you've managed to stumble across it, that's fine). I don't care if the person I'm dating has access to my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.
But when it comes to blogging... I don't know, I like to keep it to myself.
Not because I trash talk people, but in a sense that everything here is personal to me. I share these with people that don't know me personally, but still know me virtually... does that make sense? o_O
But of course, if I can't tell "him"/"her", what's the point of blogging it?
I don't know.. I just want to document my thoughts and life!
So, I've been seeing this guy, 'D' for about... 3-4 weeks? He makes me happy :3
I sometimes have this paranoia that he somehow stumbled across my blog... how, I don't know since this link is removed off every social media profile.
And compared to me hanging out with all my other friends, whenever I hang out with D. I feel super shy with my camera... like I can't "camwhore", take scenery photos, take foodies, and random photos because he'd ask why I take so many photos! Actually, he did mentioned I take like a billion photos...
With my other friends, I snap away and they don't care. I think they know I'm into social medias (and some knows I blog.. but that's besides the point). With D, I just feel so shy because I have this fear of judgement that he'll judge me based on this blog.
Have you bloggers felt.. shy/nervous/afraid/etc. of your date finding you have a blog?
And that you document a lot of daily life and take photos like crazy?
If so, how did you come around it?

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Silly me, messing up on thrifting...

Friends, I have a problem...
Seeing all these fashion blogs about items bring thrifted makes me want to go thrifting...
But, long story short, I can't go to my local Value Village because it'll be extremely awkward. 
Because I chose to quit the best job I've ever had (I'll tell you more about that later in the next few days), 
and decided to go job hunting. Not fully aware of how difficult it is to get a job, I got desperate and applied to my local Value Village. A high school friend of mines works as an assistant manager so getting a job there was easy.
I passed the interview with flying colours and the next thing I knew, I was being called in for an orientation and a few hours of training. I went, obviously, for four hours but during that four hours, I met a lot of staff members that's always.. and I mean always, on the floor!
Within that 2 hours of actual working (after orientation), when I left the store, I decided I CAN'T work at VV. Because I'm so customer-orientated and team-orientated that I realized I couldn't work in a place that doesn't allow me to socialize with customers and build relationships with my co workers.
So, come Value Village's 50% off sale day (aka the busiest day of the year for them), I pulled a no show.
I spent that day with the guy I'm dating (yes, I'll elaborate more on that too)... which made me happy that I pulled a no show.
I ignored the calls and my friend's FB messages. I found out I got terminated (yay!) from their systems.
You can probably guess how awkward it'll be if I go back there and start shopping again. :$
I mean, the other thrift stores are all the way in another city and Downtown.. I don't want to travel so far just to thrift.. you know what I mean? 
I don't regret it.. but maybe I should skip a few months of thrifting and hopefully wish that most people there forgotten how I look like.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

BEDM - Day 16: Pampering

I missed Day 15... but in my defence, it was because I had no internet access once I got back from school. I could have blogged from my mobile device but I tend to use my data outside of my house so I don't want to go over my 1GB... which I have done before and it's not fun paying extra :(
Make up
Sometimes, I feel like I don't "pamper" myself too much because... to be honest, I never considered it. I've considered going to spas and massages but I don't want to go alone and my friends tend to too broke when I bring it up.
Maybe, one day I'll have enough courage to enter a spa by myself (I mean.. I heard it's the most relaxing experience going by yourself) but in the meantime, to 'pamper' myself, I usually take longer showers than usual. Lather on extra body wash, make sure my water is super warm and lather a bit more facial wash than usual. I also like to fix up my eyebrows, and sometimes even try to do something about my blackheads.
I don't pamper myself much because I don't really see the need for all of it, despite how relaxing it. I don't wear make-up that much so I'm extremely comfortable in my own skin which is probably why I don't pamper myself as much as most people should.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

BEDM: Day 14 - Food Glorious Food

My favourite food would be sushi... ugh, I can't get enough sushi, seriously. I always order sashimi (usually salmon, sometimes tuna), salmon maki, tuna maki, miso soup, and oyster motoyakis. There are a few other sushi things that I enjoy but don't order on a regular basis. 
I don't know when my love for sushi started... as long as I remember, I loved eating sushi. Back in China, I ate sushi for one whole month because I dislike Chinese cuisines. Of course, the sushi in China didn't taste as great as sushi in Vancouver and they had limited selections but sushi is still sushi! I went to Calgary last summer and a lot of people told me not to eat the sushi... I can understand why. I had sushi in the West Edmonton Mall and it was so.. warm and soggy and wet, it was disgusting. That made me realized, I probably can't leave the coast since they'll be no more fresh sushi for me... although Montreal is said to have good sushi - they got St. Lawrence river, haha. 
Now, I'm dating someone that isn't a fan of sushi and seafood sooooo I'll have to see how that goes, haha. Every one of my friends loves sushi, it's ridiculous. 
And, aside from sushi, I love seafood (Chinese style), raw oysters :3, Indian cuisine, fried stuff, a few burgers here and there, and junk food. 

Monday, May 13, 2013

BEDM - Day 13: Go Green!

I love the concept of trying to save/improve the environment... although I'm not going to lie, I don't put too much effort in it. 
I mean, I do recycle my bottles and paper and put things where they belong but in general, I feel like I'm not doing much compared to others.
I want to start gardening and successfully grow my own pot of flower. They might be the only green thing I've accomplished! :D

Music Monday - Homeward Bound/Home (Glee Cast Version) by Glee Cast

Am I the only one that looooves Glee? 
Ever since I heard this song, it's one of my favourite Glee performances, I don't get tired of it no matter how many times I've played it. 
This song is so inspirational, I can't pinpoint why but it's inspiring.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

BEDM - Day 12: Collecting

Growing up, I don't think I've collected anything... it was never my interest to collect things and when I want to start collecting things (eg. rocks, pennies, etc.) I can never stick to it... I give up instantly and I don't regret it. 
I love seeing people collecting things because it's interesting to see how passionate some people get over simple things. I would like to live a minimalism lifestyle when I move out.. I tried doing it now but I realized I have too many things to clear out so if I move out, I can pinpoint which things I want to bring with me. I followed a blog about minimalism and I love their lifestyle. I do believe that being surrounded by a bunch of random things is stressful and distracting, coming from personal experiences. 
If anything, I'm more interested in starting to live a minimalism lifestyle than to start any collection soon.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

BEDM - Day 11: Book Love

I love reading! Growing up, reading was like a getaway from reality. I've developed relationship with fictional characters that only bookworms can understand. Last summer, I signed up for Goodreads and bought an eReader... ever since getting an eReader, my reading has increased dramatically and I always recommend it getting it for anyone considering to get an Ereader. I still buy books and rent them but growing up with technology, I love reading from an eReader now.
If anyone is wonder, I had the Kobo Touch and Kobo Vox. I ended up switching over to a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, 7" because I enjoy reading magazines too. I sell eReaders so if you guys are ever considering one, I can give you a list of suggestions to find one that suited for you.
Behind the Beautiful Forevers written by Kathrine Boo is one of my favourite books I've ever read. It's a cultural studies book based on the slums of Mumbai. As a lover of India, I fell in love with this book after the first pages. Everything written there is so.. raw and real. It's based on three separate lives of people living in the slums. It's one of the best cultural studies books out there.
Right now I'm reading Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale. I haven't figured if I like it or not but right I'm leaning on the positive side.

Friday, May 10, 2013

BEDM: Day 10 - Travel Dreams

india 001
My dream vacation would be to India! I love India to much - it's such an underrated place. It's one the best places to get both the historical and modern worlds. India has one of the best culture - they have several holidays and festivals, lovely shades of different colours, a wide range of spices and dishes. 
Throughout India, it's really multicultural there. They even have a Chinese city and their own Chinatown! 
I love reading and watching anything about India, it's such a beautiful place and I honestly can't get enough to the culture. I don't think I've ever met a culture that's so intact, rich and colourful. 
I'm so absorbed into the Indian culture that a lot of people think I'm Indian in heart (whiiiich I don't deny, haha. I would say my heart is more Indian than it is Chinese). They also gave me an Indian nickname: Jesspreet or Jessinderpreet. I love these people, haha. 
Whoever gives me an all out, fully paid trip to India, even for just a couple of days is forever my soulmate. 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

BEDM - Day 09: Favourite Social Media Channel

I think a lot of people would agree and say that Facebook would be their favourite social media platform. I mean, I love Facebook because it allows me to connect to all of my friends and acquaintances. Allows me to share all my memories, establish friendships, etc. Overall, I think Facebook is the entire package bundle.
Aside from the obvious Facebook, I think mines would have to be Twitter. I love sharing Tweets because it clears my mind without feeling like I'm spamming people. I think Twitter is the most hands on platform for live updates and even personal - I share my feelings and thoughts more honestly than I do on Facebook. I only have a few people I know personally on my Twitter feed, and do I wish I had more people I knew like Facebook? Probably not... I love being able to speak my mind without fear of people thinking differently of me.
I also have a Pinterest addiction but I think Twitter beats it all :)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

BEDM - Day 08: First Job

My first job was a cashier position at my neighbourhood Dairy Queen during the summer of '08 and lasted til December 2008... exactly six months.
I was first introduced to this job because I was nervous about working for McDonalds' because the place is busy 24/7, despite everyone saying that McD's is super easy... plus, I have a friend that used to work there and she got burned by the oils a lot.
Anyways, the reason why I gave it a shot because one of my good friends Jenny works there with a few other people from my grade and school. Plus, I wanted work experience and get paid for it.. also, lucky me, it counted for my required graduation "volunteer" hours.
If I had to sum it up, aside from the very few people I got along with at work, DQ was the worst job I've ever had. I made minimum wage ($6) because I had no experience. On top of that, there's one Supervisor named Lily* and she would always give me shit! On the first day, she yelled at ME for a customer order she messed up on.. like how does that even make sense? She got on my case 24/7 and I really hated working with her. She barely does anything, just invites her friends over when we close and sit in the back room texting.
My manager, Terry* was pretty much an a-hole. He was an abusive manager - physically and verbally. During my training sessions, we had to memorize what goes in a blizzard, milkshake, waffle bowls, etc. They have cheat sheets but he wants you to have it memorized. When I first worked on the ice cream machines, he insulted me. When we were training to make an Oreo Wafflebowl thingy (I forgot the exact name for the treat), he actually smacked me on the head numerous times with a plastic container... and you're probably thinking, wow it's just a plastic but at the same time, it's considered workplace violence (whether it be a minor incident or not). He will then proceed to threatening me by uttering slurs like "If you don't get this order right, I swear I'm going to smack you right in the head with my mug... and it's made of steel."
I was just a preteen back then! I didn't take it personally since it was my first job! 
Now you see why I hated working for Dairy Queen. I was overworked and abused. I had to quit - $6 was not worth this kind of treatment. 
Of course, I took no action to it... I mean, I didn't even considered it. A lot of my peers in my current job told me I should have done something but they don't realize that I was just... what, 14 years old when that happened? I endured 6 months of verbal and physical abuse and threats. 
Terry doesn't recognize me anymore when I stop by for some summer treats. He seemed to be nicer but sometimes I can hear him nag his staff.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

BEDM - Day 07: Pets

I had a funny relationship with pets in the past.
About a year ago, I was afraid of animals, and yes, even household pets - so cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters, etc. I don'tk now how this fear came about but for as long as I remember, I've always been so afraid of animals. Maybe it's from a bad experience I had in as child and I don't remember or maybe it's because as a kid, I wasn't surrounded by animals a lot.
When I was vacationing overseas in China as a child years ago, my mom and I bought yellow chicks, about six of them. My brother and my Dad bought a turtle one day too. Let's just say... the turtle didn't make it through the night if you know anything about chinese cuisines (I didn't have any, ewww!). My chicks remained with us for about another week or so before we had to give them to a family friend because we were leaving China. I honestly think that family raised it and ate it... or sold it.
After those pets in China, I got a hamster back home. His name was Fluffy because his fur was super puffy. I didn't spend much time with it because I was super afraid of it - I wore thick leather gloves when I first attempted to hold him.. it felt so weird when I touched his body that I instantly pulled my hand back and never attempted to pick him up again. I did take care of - my mum would take him out of the cage when I'm about to wash down the cage. I also fed him a lot of treats. He died all of sudden one night.
Besides, Fluffy, I also had another hamster. I went back to China about six years ago and my Dad's best friend bought me a hamster. My Dad and my grandmother weren't too happy about having it in the house because it was Chinese New Year (and they said something about keeping the house clean for good luck.. and the hamster was a dirty rat). So, my Grandma resorted to tying the cage outdoors but in the villages of China, they have a few big dogs running around... soooo... I never inquired about the hamster after I left the village. I hope someone untied it and took care of it.
Aside from goldfishes, I didn't have any other major pets until about a year ago.
I still had a big fear of dogs but I also had a big urge to get a dog... why? I don't know. I Googled how to get rid of the fear and a lot of them just said dogs are friendly creature, approach slowly, make it get used to you, etc. etc. 
I was on Kijiji when I found my current pet (Summer. Her name back then was Dolly). Someone was putting her up for sale and the fee was $300. She looked so cute in the photos and it was within my budget, I contacted her and arranged a date to meet her. Upon arrival to her house, I told myself... suck it up! Nothing to be afraid of a little dog! 
So I did... I pretended to be unafraid of dogs, especially since Summer is a cute little Maltipoo. While we were walking, we did come across Sam, a bigger dog that was chasing a ball. I got super nervous but we left before it got any closer.
I purchased Summer, got everything and went home with her. She was really shy but we warmed up to each other quickly. 
Because of Summer, that's how I got over my fear of dogs. Sometimes the fear will slowly come back when I encounter an umfamiliar dog but other than that, for now I would saw I'm over my fears of dog.
I would like to get over my fear of cats and rabbits one day. I'm comtemplating to get a kitten or a rabbit when my financial situation is better... I'm leaning towards a cute little bunny since my best friend has one but who knows for now.. I still got Summer! :D

Monday, May 6, 2013

BEDM - Day 6: Bank Holiday

Sooo... I guess today is a UK holiday...
Seeing as I'm not from UK, I'll improvise.
Besides, if you ask me, I personally hate bank holidays because to my luck, I just need to do a lot of banking during the times my bank are closed for a holiday or event sort of thing... like really? My mind doesn't tell me to do it on a normal weekday, it always tells me to do it on a holiday.
But, today, after school, I went to the mall to kill some time up before meeting up with someone who wants to buy a few camera accessories I had left over. 
This crop top was only $3.50!! I've seen it before for full price which was I believe $10? And I finally saw it on the sales rack and decided to pick it up for the season... plus, it'll motivate me more to work out, haha. I love the back detailings!
I found this cute dress on the sales rack too and decided to try it on. I normally don't own that many floral things, let alone a dress too but I wanted a summer dress and this was going for only $10. My favourite part would probably be the straps - I love how they swapped from the regular straps to a fabric tie strap.
This is my first low-high dress! It was on sale for only $12 and seeing that these dresses/skirts are in style, I decided to give it a try. I loved the way it looks, love the colour and of course, the free belt... because I suck at accessorizing my outfits. 
I wanted sushi but just a few minutes ago, I found out that my go-to sushi place doesn't deliver anymore :(
Boo hoo!

Music Monday: I Know You Know by The Morning Of

What's another way to start the week with some good music to add to your library?
I love this song! It's so powerful, the lyrics are beautiful and the jazz music in the end just nails it. 

Saturday, May 4, 2013


Whenever I do outfit post, I usually like to scrapbook them... don't ask why, I don't even know, haha.
I also like to do digital scrapbooking and I might go through some old photos and see what I can do with them :P 
Honestly, my blob of text isn't even significant.. but you can view the full size
and see what I wrote about.

BEDM - Day 4: 5 Favourite Blogs

Okay, so despite this blog being new to the Blogosphere, I've had many other blogs throughout the year and and been following bloggers for a long time. Some of them remember me when I comment after a long period of time and some of them I lost contact with because they've stopped blogging or they changed their URL.
I mean no disrespect to any other blogs I follow but without further ado, my top 5 favourite blogs (in no particular order!):
I've been a fan of Bailey for a while (... I don't mean that in a creepy way). I stumbled across her Flickr page and fell in love with her photographs instantly. When I found out she's the same age I was instantly inspired that someone so young can create such beautiful images. During my photography years, Bailey is a big inspiration, even though she doesn't know that. When I found out she has a blog, I followed instantly. She blogs mostly about make-up and even though I know nothing about make ups, something about her blog and work that keeps me reading her daily posts.

Anita is another blogger I've been following for years. She's just an average teenager from Australia blogging about her school and life but it's the images that captures the entire story. Anita's photography is so simple but yet so beautiful at the same time, it's a blog of inspiration. She post a few times per week, sometimes once per week but I think it's worth it when you see a new blog entry from her.
Mish is one of the newer bloggers I found when I migrated to Blogger a few months ago. Her daily post of her everyday life (and not to mention her travels) is something that will amuse you everyday. She puts a lot of personality and humour into her post and the best thing is that she doesn't even do it intentionally - it just comes naturally. I really recommend everyone to stop by her blog and just read a few post - you'll be hitting the subscribe button in no time.

You may recognize Jamie from Survivor: China reality TV show. She has a cute little blog that she shares her life, adventures and stories about her cute son. She's one of the bloggers that I've been following for a while so reading all her life experiences up to now is something amazing. 

Kelsey is one of the first and only blogs I followed during my short time when I migrated to Wordpress. I love her blog because she's so real when it comes to blogging. Out of all bloggers I've followed, Kels is the one I can relate to the most since we share similar experiences. I love how I randomly stumbled over her blog and never regret it when I hit the subscribe button.

I hope you guys don't mind that I used your headers. I tried using buttons but I realized some of the Bloggers don't have buttons and it'll be really rude to have one blog's banner bigger than a button. If you really don't like your header up here, let me know and I'll replace it with your button!

Friday, May 3, 2013

BEDM: Day 3 - Day in the Life

My life has changed since going back to school. During this time, I would've started my Summer vacation and be working a lot... but alas, things change.

From Monday to Friday, I wake up at 7AM to get ready, pack lunch, and walk my dog, all before 8:15AM at the latest. Sometimes, I leave the house at 8:30AM because a few things ran a bit late, but nonetheless, I'm out of the house before 9AM.

My class starts at 9AM and last for hours up until 1PM. I have the same class everyday for about 3 weeks and then I rotate to a new class.

(Yes, it's a different post-secondary schedule that most people are used to).

After school, if I don't have work (which usually is the case since they cut my hours back), I go home and eat a snack... maybe take a nap depending on how tired I am.

From home, I relax myself - reading, watching movies, exercising, blogging, etc.
Sometimes I'll meet up with a friend but it's rare since we're running on busy schedules.

I hope I can find a good job soon that will provide me better hours.. a girl can only take so much relaxing days, you know what I mean? I like to keep busy and sooner or later, I'll run out of things to do if I don't get out of this rut.

Nothing fancy in a student life...

Thursday, May 2, 2013

BEDM - Day 2: Spring is Here!

What is your favourite thing about Spring? What plans do you have to enjoy it?
Spring in Vancouver is like a roller coaster ride - we will have days of sunshine and then days of heavy rain. Growing up, I'm used to it so I have a lot of 'rainy-day weather' attire for the Spring.

I would like to say Spring is my favourite season, buuuut realistically, I love summer more. Spring has nice weathers here and there but hands down nothing beats the summer heat. And in Canada, all you do is just live for the summer heat since it's usually cold year-round.

This Spring, I'm currently in school full time (yay!.... >.>") which is something I normally don't do. The school I go to doesn't permit breaks so while I usually enjoy the flowers blossom, I guess I'll be seeing my books blossom.

Yeah, lame joke.

I'm also in the process of looking for a job. I am currently employed but I don't get enough hours and my differences between some managers and coworkers are affecting the way I feel about work... so in the end, I decided it's better that I make a change in life and seek a new opportunity. I'm looking to more managerial positions than regular sale associates.

I guess that's what Spring has to offer me now... school and seeking for a better employment.
What about you?

Wrapping up my first three weeks at Brighton!

If you remember my post from a few weeks ago, I went back to school! Before you say anything, I know a lot of people don't recommend sharing where you go to school but I figured, you're going to find out eventually from my tweets, photos perhaps, or anything I share via social media... and, honestly, it's just a school. I have enough street intelligent to know if anyone is bothering me. 

(Why do I always sound so rude? ...)

Anyways, needless to say, this is probably the first time I felt happy to get up early and get to school. I love my school and time spent at Brighton College (and this is saying a lot since I've only been there for about three weeks). My campus is beautiful, so, so beautiful and modern. 

Because the scheduling is a bit different than most post-secondaries, this first three weeks I'm wrapping up my first credited course towards my degree. Organizational Behaviour. 

I loved OB, and it had to do a lot with the professor teaching it. She was incredibly nice, helpful, and an extremely well prof. Thanks to her, I look forward to attending class each morning, and I actually learn things when I'm in class! It's probably the way she teaches - something about it that I love, and it works for me. Back when I was at Kwantlen, I didn't like the professors that much and had a hard time retaining what I learned in class.

Class size wise, I love the small class sizes. I've sat down in big lecture halls before and realized it's really not my thing - I get distracted too easily because of the fact that the professor can't see me, or even knows about me, and the other hundreds of students doing their own things. The small classroom sizes made my learning so much more personal for me.

And, despite my attitude on not getting along well with other students, I think in the long run, it would benefit relationships too. When it comes to school, I like to keep to myself and focus on the course but I know that being in a small environment and being with the same people for 3 weeks builds good relationships.

I'll be sad that OB is ending but at the same time, I'm getting excited for my next course - Global Marketing.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

BEDM - Day 1: 5 Lines

I think I'm the worst blogger - always blogging on and off but then I realized, I blog for myself and not for anyone else (as harsh as that sounds), but of course, I don't mean it that way. I still care for readers but... you know what I mean!

One of the blogs I follow daily, Ana, shared the Blog Everyday in May (BEDM) challenge which is hosted by Elizabeth. It pretty much means that the challenge is - blog everyday in May. Of course, Elizabeth took the time to map out topics we are going to blog about everyday for those (ahem, me) that get stuck on what to blog about.

I rarely do challenges because I can't finish them... but seeing as I have a more open schedule than before, I feel I can finish this challenge... or a challenge for once.

For the first day, it's 5 sentences describing ourselves and a picture that we're proud of.

The most recent photo of me with my best friend.
Proud of this photo because I love how carefree, happy and silly I can feel when I'm with people I love.

  1. For new readers, my name is Jessica and I'm a 19 years old student living in Vancouver, BC. 
  2. I love sushi, especially salmon sashimi. It's my favourite food and we can get along instantly if you love sushi. At one point, I almost ate salmon sashimi for an entire month when I was traveling overseas because I didn't like the cuisine there.
  3. I am obsessed with the Indian culture. Growing up, my first best friend was Indian and throughout my years of studying, one of my best friend is Indian. I love India because the culture is so different from what I'm usually exposed to, the language is really beautiful and can we not even start on their scenery? A lot of people know I love India, I love to Bhangra dance and I'm pretty much an Indian in heart, haha. I earned an Indian name: Jessinderjit.
  4. I've been blogging for about... 8 years now. My blog was over at MSN Space... who remembers that?!
  5. I'm an adult (okay, "adult" defined by age.. mentally I'm still a kid) with size 2 children feet. Yes, so when I walk into Payless (the only place I can buy my shoes because they fit me), I head to the kids section and try to pick the best looking shoes without Hannah Montana's face on it. I wish I can have at least a size 5 women so I have prettier shoes.
If you're thinking of participating (or already is), leave me a comment so I can read your blog for a month!