Tuesday, May 7, 2013

BEDM - Day 07: Pets

I had a funny relationship with pets in the past.
About a year ago, I was afraid of animals, and yes, even household pets - so cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters, etc. I don'tk now how this fear came about but for as long as I remember, I've always been so afraid of animals. Maybe it's from a bad experience I had in as child and I don't remember or maybe it's because as a kid, I wasn't surrounded by animals a lot.
When I was vacationing overseas in China as a child years ago, my mom and I bought yellow chicks, about six of them. My brother and my Dad bought a turtle one day too. Let's just say... the turtle didn't make it through the night if you know anything about chinese cuisines (I didn't have any, ewww!). My chicks remained with us for about another week or so before we had to give them to a family friend because we were leaving China. I honestly think that family raised it and ate it... or sold it.
After those pets in China, I got a hamster back home. His name was Fluffy because his fur was super puffy. I didn't spend much time with it because I was super afraid of it - I wore thick leather gloves when I first attempted to hold him.. it felt so weird when I touched his body that I instantly pulled my hand back and never attempted to pick him up again. I did take care of - my mum would take him out of the cage when I'm about to wash down the cage. I also fed him a lot of treats. He died all of sudden one night.
Besides, Fluffy, I also had another hamster. I went back to China about six years ago and my Dad's best friend bought me a hamster. My Dad and my grandmother weren't too happy about having it in the house because it was Chinese New Year (and they said something about keeping the house clean for good luck.. and the hamster was a dirty rat). So, my Grandma resorted to tying the cage outdoors but in the villages of China, they have a few big dogs running around... soooo... I never inquired about the hamster after I left the village. I hope someone untied it and took care of it.
Aside from goldfishes, I didn't have any other major pets until about a year ago.
I still had a big fear of dogs but I also had a big urge to get a dog... why? I don't know. I Googled how to get rid of the fear and a lot of them just said dogs are friendly creature, approach slowly, make it get used to you, etc. etc. 
I was on Kijiji when I found my current pet (Summer. Her name back then was Dolly). Someone was putting her up for sale and the fee was $300. She looked so cute in the photos and it was within my budget, I contacted her and arranged a date to meet her. Upon arrival to her house, I told myself... suck it up! Nothing to be afraid of a little dog! 
So I did... I pretended to be unafraid of dogs, especially since Summer is a cute little Maltipoo. While we were walking, we did come across Sam, a bigger dog that was chasing a ball. I got super nervous but we left before it got any closer.
I purchased Summer, got everything and went home with her. She was really shy but we warmed up to each other quickly. 
Because of Summer, that's how I got over my fear of dogs. Sometimes the fear will slowly come back when I encounter an umfamiliar dog but other than that, for now I would saw I'm over my fears of dog.
I would like to get over my fear of cats and rabbits one day. I'm comtemplating to get a kitten or a rabbit when my financial situation is better... I'm leaning towards a cute little bunny since my best friend has one but who knows for now.. I still got Summer! :D

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  1. Oh my im not surprised, i loved the little stores about all your other pets, and this may sound strange but i love the Chinese cultural so reading that made me excited! :) hahaa

    Summer is absolutely beautiful and her breed is so loving and gentle, perfect dog for someone who wants to get over a fear! you guys suit so well together!

    LOVE IT! :)



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