Wednesday, May 8, 2013

BEDM - Day 08: First Job

My first job was a cashier position at my neighbourhood Dairy Queen during the summer of '08 and lasted til December 2008... exactly six months.
I was first introduced to this job because I was nervous about working for McDonalds' because the place is busy 24/7, despite everyone saying that McD's is super easy... plus, I have a friend that used to work there and she got burned by the oils a lot.
Anyways, the reason why I gave it a shot because one of my good friends Jenny works there with a few other people from my grade and school. Plus, I wanted work experience and get paid for it.. also, lucky me, it counted for my required graduation "volunteer" hours.
If I had to sum it up, aside from the very few people I got along with at work, DQ was the worst job I've ever had. I made minimum wage ($6) because I had no experience. On top of that, there's one Supervisor named Lily* and she would always give me shit! On the first day, she yelled at ME for a customer order she messed up on.. like how does that even make sense? She got on my case 24/7 and I really hated working with her. She barely does anything, just invites her friends over when we close and sit in the back room texting.
My manager, Terry* was pretty much an a-hole. He was an abusive manager - physically and verbally. During my training sessions, we had to memorize what goes in a blizzard, milkshake, waffle bowls, etc. They have cheat sheets but he wants you to have it memorized. When I first worked on the ice cream machines, he insulted me. When we were training to make an Oreo Wafflebowl thingy (I forgot the exact name for the treat), he actually smacked me on the head numerous times with a plastic container... and you're probably thinking, wow it's just a plastic but at the same time, it's considered workplace violence (whether it be a minor incident or not). He will then proceed to threatening me by uttering slurs like "If you don't get this order right, I swear I'm going to smack you right in the head with my mug... and it's made of steel."
I was just a preteen back then! I didn't take it personally since it was my first job! 
Now you see why I hated working for Dairy Queen. I was overworked and abused. I had to quit - $6 was not worth this kind of treatment. 
Of course, I took no action to it... I mean, I didn't even considered it. A lot of my peers in my current job told me I should have done something but they don't realize that I was just... what, 14 years old when that happened? I endured 6 months of verbal and physical abuse and threats. 
Terry doesn't recognize me anymore when I stop by for some summer treats. He seemed to be nicer but sometimes I can hear him nag his staff.

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