Wednesday, May 1, 2013

BEDM - Day 1: 5 Lines

I think I'm the worst blogger - always blogging on and off but then I realized, I blog for myself and not for anyone else (as harsh as that sounds), but of course, I don't mean it that way. I still care for readers but... you know what I mean!

One of the blogs I follow daily, Ana, shared the Blog Everyday in May (BEDM) challenge which is hosted by Elizabeth. It pretty much means that the challenge is - blog everyday in May. Of course, Elizabeth took the time to map out topics we are going to blog about everyday for those (ahem, me) that get stuck on what to blog about.

I rarely do challenges because I can't finish them... but seeing as I have a more open schedule than before, I feel I can finish this challenge... or a challenge for once.

For the first day, it's 5 sentences describing ourselves and a picture that we're proud of.

The most recent photo of me with my best friend.
Proud of this photo because I love how carefree, happy and silly I can feel when I'm with people I love.

  1. For new readers, my name is Jessica and I'm a 19 years old student living in Vancouver, BC. 
  2. I love sushi, especially salmon sashimi. It's my favourite food and we can get along instantly if you love sushi. At one point, I almost ate salmon sashimi for an entire month when I was traveling overseas because I didn't like the cuisine there.
  3. I am obsessed with the Indian culture. Growing up, my first best friend was Indian and throughout my years of studying, one of my best friend is Indian. I love India because the culture is so different from what I'm usually exposed to, the language is really beautiful and can we not even start on their scenery? A lot of people know I love India, I love to Bhangra dance and I'm pretty much an Indian in heart, haha. I earned an Indian name: Jessinderjit.
  4. I've been blogging for about... 8 years now. My blog was over at MSN Space... who remembers that?!
  5. I'm an adult (okay, "adult" defined by age.. mentally I'm still a kid) with size 2 children feet. Yes, so when I walk into Payless (the only place I can buy my shoes because they fit me), I head to the kids section and try to pick the best looking shoes without Hannah Montana's face on it. I wish I can have at least a size 5 women so I have prettier shoes.
If you're thinking of participating (or already is), leave me a comment so I can read your blog for a month!


  1. All the cheap shoes you can buy with that size feet! I wish mine were a lot smaller sometimes. I used to be on MSN Space too, it's kinda sad all of MSN is slowly disappearing.
    Good luck with the rest of your challenge! x

  2. AWWW, i LOVED this post, i was unaware that your followed me for a while!! and i love your blog, so im going to follow right back! my best friend is like you, an adult but with teeny tiny feet, and when i first read about Brighton i thought you had travelled over to the UK and was here by the seaside! LOL so silly!!

    I also love the photo of you and your bestie, and im the same as you when it comes to a culture, while you love india im obsessed with the native american culture! :P


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