Friday, May 10, 2013

BEDM: Day 10 - Travel Dreams

india 001
My dream vacation would be to India! I love India to much - it's such an underrated place. It's one the best places to get both the historical and modern worlds. India has one of the best culture - they have several holidays and festivals, lovely shades of different colours, a wide range of spices and dishes. 
Throughout India, it's really multicultural there. They even have a Chinese city and their own Chinatown! 
I love reading and watching anything about India, it's such a beautiful place and I honestly can't get enough to the culture. I don't think I've ever met a culture that's so intact, rich and colourful. 
I'm so absorbed into the Indian culture that a lot of people think I'm Indian in heart (whiiiich I don't deny, haha. I would say my heart is more Indian than it is Chinese). They also gave me an Indian nickname: Jesspreet or Jessinderpreet. I love these people, haha. 
Whoever gives me an all out, fully paid trip to India, even for just a couple of days is forever my soulmate. 


  1. I've never wanted to go to India but after your post...I'm seriously considering it! Haha. My number one {and two} travel dream{s} are France and Spain. In three years I'm actually going to both of them! ..Fingers crossed. I'M SO EXCITED.

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