Tuesday, May 14, 2013

BEDM: Day 14 - Food Glorious Food

My favourite food would be sushi... ugh, I can't get enough sushi, seriously. I always order sashimi (usually salmon, sometimes tuna), salmon maki, tuna maki, miso soup, and oyster motoyakis. There are a few other sushi things that I enjoy but don't order on a regular basis. 
I don't know when my love for sushi started... as long as I remember, I loved eating sushi. Back in China, I ate sushi for one whole month because I dislike Chinese cuisines. Of course, the sushi in China didn't taste as great as sushi in Vancouver and they had limited selections but sushi is still sushi! I went to Calgary last summer and a lot of people told me not to eat the sushi... I can understand why. I had sushi in the West Edmonton Mall and it was so.. warm and soggy and wet, it was disgusting. That made me realized, I probably can't leave the coast since they'll be no more fresh sushi for me... although Montreal is said to have good sushi - they got St. Lawrence river, haha. 
Now, I'm dating someone that isn't a fan of sushi and seafood sooooo I'll have to see how that goes, haha. Every one of my friends loves sushi, it's ridiculous. 
And, aside from sushi, I love seafood (Chinese style), raw oysters :3, Indian cuisine, fried stuff, a few burgers here and there, and junk food. 


  1. I LOVE SUSHI TOO! I swear I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day and I would never, ever grow tired of it! That's how great my love is :') Turkish food is pretty high up on the list too. I love me some Turkish.

  2. Oh God, I'd be eating sushi every day if it wasn't so damn expensive.



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