Saturday, May 4, 2013

BEDM - Day 4: 5 Favourite Blogs

Okay, so despite this blog being new to the Blogosphere, I've had many other blogs throughout the year and and been following bloggers for a long time. Some of them remember me when I comment after a long period of time and some of them I lost contact with because they've stopped blogging or they changed their URL.
I mean no disrespect to any other blogs I follow but without further ado, my top 5 favourite blogs (in no particular order!):
I've been a fan of Bailey for a while (... I don't mean that in a creepy way). I stumbled across her Flickr page and fell in love with her photographs instantly. When I found out she's the same age I was instantly inspired that someone so young can create such beautiful images. During my photography years, Bailey is a big inspiration, even though she doesn't know that. When I found out she has a blog, I followed instantly. She blogs mostly about make-up and even though I know nothing about make ups, something about her blog and work that keeps me reading her daily posts.

Anita is another blogger I've been following for years. She's just an average teenager from Australia blogging about her school and life but it's the images that captures the entire story. Anita's photography is so simple but yet so beautiful at the same time, it's a blog of inspiration. She post a few times per week, sometimes once per week but I think it's worth it when you see a new blog entry from her.
Mish is one of the newer bloggers I found when I migrated to Blogger a few months ago. Her daily post of her everyday life (and not to mention her travels) is something that will amuse you everyday. She puts a lot of personality and humour into her post and the best thing is that she doesn't even do it intentionally - it just comes naturally. I really recommend everyone to stop by her blog and just read a few post - you'll be hitting the subscribe button in no time.

You may recognize Jamie from Survivor: China reality TV show. She has a cute little blog that she shares her life, adventures and stories about her cute son. She's one of the bloggers that I've been following for a while so reading all her life experiences up to now is something amazing. 

Kelsey is one of the first and only blogs I followed during my short time when I migrated to Wordpress. I love her blog because she's so real when it comes to blogging. Out of all bloggers I've followed, Kels is the one I can relate to the most since we share similar experiences. I love how I randomly stumbled over her blog and never regret it when I hit the subscribe button.

I hope you guys don't mind that I used your headers. I tried using buttons but I realized some of the Bloggers don't have buttons and it'll be really rude to have one blog's banner bigger than a button. If you really don't like your header up here, let me know and I'll replace it with your button!


  1. I love finding out about new blogs. Luckily I stumbled upon yours :)

  2. I follow anita too!
    And I love her blog as well.
    If your reccomendations are up to standard with hers, I'll definitely check the other's out.


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