Monday, May 6, 2013

BEDM - Day 6: Bank Holiday

Sooo... I guess today is a UK holiday...
Seeing as I'm not from UK, I'll improvise.
Besides, if you ask me, I personally hate bank holidays because to my luck, I just need to do a lot of banking during the times my bank are closed for a holiday or event sort of thing... like really? My mind doesn't tell me to do it on a normal weekday, it always tells me to do it on a holiday.
But, today, after school, I went to the mall to kill some time up before meeting up with someone who wants to buy a few camera accessories I had left over. 
This crop top was only $3.50!! I've seen it before for full price which was I believe $10? And I finally saw it on the sales rack and decided to pick it up for the season... plus, it'll motivate me more to work out, haha. I love the back detailings!
I found this cute dress on the sales rack too and decided to try it on. I normally don't own that many floral things, let alone a dress too but I wanted a summer dress and this was going for only $10. My favourite part would probably be the straps - I love how they swapped from the regular straps to a fabric tie strap.
This is my first low-high dress! It was on sale for only $12 and seeing that these dresses/skirts are in style, I decided to give it a try. I loved the way it looks, love the colour and of course, the free belt... because I suck at accessorizing my outfits. 
I wanted sushi but just a few minutes ago, I found out that my go-to sushi place doesn't deliver anymore :(
Boo hoo!


  1. Love the crop top! I dont have one cause I'm not gutsy enough to wear one :-(

  2. Haha lucky for me, I haven't had a problem with going to a bank since, so far, it's usually been on a non-Holiday. :P

    That crop top is sooo cute. I can imagine it going with so many different kinds of skirts, shorts and pants. I love it!

  3. hahaha, that same thing happens to me too!
    whenever i have time to do the important things everything is closed, or is a holiday, it sucks.
    btw I love your blue top :D

  4. B E A U T I F U L :)

    xx Dakota @

  5. The green/minty dress, that colour is love for spring!
    and i really like the pattern of the floral dress, also yay for crop tops, i found my old ones yesterday while sorting through my clothes! :)

  6. I love the top crop/corset. Sp fab! Nice clothes.


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