Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Silly me, messing up on thrifting...

Friends, I have a problem...
Seeing all these fashion blogs about items bring thrifted makes me want to go thrifting...
But, long story short, I can't go to my local Value Village because it'll be extremely awkward. 
Because I chose to quit the best job I've ever had (I'll tell you more about that later in the next few days), 
and decided to go job hunting. Not fully aware of how difficult it is to get a job, I got desperate and applied to my local Value Village. A high school friend of mines works as an assistant manager so getting a job there was easy.
I passed the interview with flying colours and the next thing I knew, I was being called in for an orientation and a few hours of training. I went, obviously, for four hours but during that four hours, I met a lot of staff members that's always.. and I mean always, on the floor!
Within that 2 hours of actual working (after orientation), when I left the store, I decided I CAN'T work at VV. Because I'm so customer-orientated and team-orientated that I realized I couldn't work in a place that doesn't allow me to socialize with customers and build relationships with my co workers.
So, come Value Village's 50% off sale day (aka the busiest day of the year for them), I pulled a no show.
I spent that day with the guy I'm dating (yes, I'll elaborate more on that too)... which made me happy that I pulled a no show.
I ignored the calls and my friend's FB messages. I found out I got terminated (yay!) from their systems.
You can probably guess how awkward it'll be if I go back there and start shopping again. :$
I mean, the other thrift stores are all the way in another city and Downtown.. I don't want to travel so far just to thrift.. you know what I mean? 
I don't regret it.. but maybe I should skip a few months of thrifting and hopefully wish that most people there forgotten how I look like.

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  1. Wahhh I can't believe you said no
    to a job like VV! It sounds like a
    nice place with nice co-workers.
    And its okay being 'awkward' :P Xx


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