Sunday, August 25, 2013

Have you ever Googled yourself?

This has always been a heated topic when it comes to the internet and sharing ourselves. Today, while I reading on Mashable, I came across their article titled "Erase Yourself From the Internet With".

And while I skimmed through the new site, I thought about all the social networks I've signed up to and left alone. And then I thought about how my "public" image may look to potential employers (and to be honest, I think a few of them Googled me and refused to call me back due to my Twitter I being paranoid?)

I Googled myself with my full name first and lucky me, I have a very famous LA doctor that takes up more than 10 pages of the results. I then proceeded to adding Vancouver at the end to narrow down the search results. I found search results to my old Flickr account (my account's been deleted but the links still show up as a 404 Flickr error), an old blog that's been deleted and shows a 404 page, my limited LinkedIn profile (which is fine), and to my surprise, my public Twitter account. 
It has never been on the search results so I didn't put much thought to it until now. I couldn't think of a new username so I decided to protect my tweets instead which disappointed me at first... but until I can think of another username, it'll be private. I do rant a lot, so it's for the best :P
I also used 3rd party search websites and found my Pinterest account but I only pin fashion, beauty, decor, etc. so I'm not too concerned about that. 
I did however used for my Vine and deviantART account. Other than that, my "public" image is safe.. to my best ability of searching myself, haha.
And for those who are wondering about Facebook and this blog... well, when I first made this blog, I tried my best not to put too much information out so my blog will not come up on searches. My Facebook account is heavily protected with a 'company approved' profile picture.
Has it been a while since you Googled yourself? Have you ever Googled yourself? Give it a shot and readjust your public image if you're concerned.

Friday, August 23, 2013

"Hipster" Glasses

Is it bad that I'm interested in getting "hipster" glasses? I actually don't know the actual term for these glasses but I'm starting to really loooooove them.
I got inspired by New Girl (any NG fans out there?!) and after watching both seasons, I have officially fell in love with Jessica Day's glasses. And I love the fact that the glasses compliments her bangs too.

You get the idea right? The frames aren't too big. 
This is currently my glasses:

 Trust me, I love these pair of glasses but a part of me feels like I would like a fresh look and/or change. 
I visited Lens Crafter a few months ago and tried on similar frames and my friend told me it looks great one me. A few made me an actual hipster but in general the frames made me "smarter" and older. 
I logged onto Clearly Contacts to check out some frames (they're so cheap!):

The first one is my favourite. The last two are really similar but I guess it's the frame's thickness that looks a bit different.
Either way, Clearly Contacts offers free returns so I'm debating weather to purchase the first frame or not...

Back to School Tips for Post Secondary

I just finished my 3 weeks summer break about a week ago which means... I'm back to the daily grind of learning and studying. Lucky me, for the next 8 weeks, I'll be studying in the Burnaby campus so it'll be a closer commute to/from home and to work.
This was taken back when I was still into photography. Project 52!
I realized a lot of people are going back to school in the next couple of weeks, or you can be like me and already is in school. I have about just over a year until I graduate so... does that qualify me to give advice?

I'm your average full-time student, with social circles  & events, and working part time.
Over the past few years of studying, I've managed to balanced it all but I did learn a few things the hard way.
one // 
Always prepare ahead of time. I thought the first week of all my courses was easy and easily assumed that the rest of the course will breeze by. I began slacking off on my readings, picking up extra shifts and committing to social plans... little did I know, I actually didn't have time for that. No matter how easy the course may seem or how many people bragged about how easy it is, you have to plan ahead no matter what. Plan what chapters or work needs to be done and their due dates. Plan your work schedule (I was luck enough to have my work schedule posted 2 weeks in advance). Plan your social outings - it's okay to say no to a few if you're caught up on work/school. It's a hard habit to get into (I wasn't much of a planner) but trust me, things will get organized and you will have free time for friends or extra shifts.

Wait until the first day of class to buy textbooks (and buy them off students/online or ebooks!). A lot of my friends and I included, made the mistake of buying textbooks before the class started... and from the school campus too. Why wait? Because you'll come to realize that some classes don't need textbooks and professors will mention this. 90% of the time, you'll probably would have removed the shrink wrap from the book and make it non-refundable to the bookstore. Also, join your school's Facebook group on used textbooks. I have about two FB groups that I joined so search out for classmates selling books I need (and when I'm done with mines, I sell mines to them for $$$!). It's a lot of a heck cheaper than bookstores and normally in good condition. Also, if you're tech savy, consider switching to eBooks formats on textbooks... light and cheap too.
Join social groups. It's a no brainer that post-secondary is also the years to make new friends... and most likely these friends are the ones that will last a lifetime. Sign up for clubs and teams that you're interested in. Go to freshmen gatherings, or networking nights for non-freshmen. Go to sport games, pep rallies (although my school didn't have those). If you live in dorms, drop by the lounge during the first few weeks to meet new people.

Save up. If you're not starting school soon, I recommend you to save up. Not only is tuition and supplies that are expensive, your social habits will be too. I learned to manage my finances a few months into university when my bank account was dropping and I cut my hours back to study. I carried all the tips I've learned from my bank and on the internet and saved a tons of money throughout my studies. Everyone knows that university is expensive and nobody would judge you for being "cheap".
School comes before work. I can't stress this enough because I learned the hard way. I failed a few classes because I thought work was more important. I cared about making money than my degree. I hated myself because not only are you NOT earning money in the long run (because when you fail the course, you gotta pay for it AGAIN with the money you earned from blowing off class), but you're also prolonging your graduation date. Work can wait - you have a lifetime to work fulltime. Cut back your hours if you feel overwhelmed by work. 
Ignore bad distractions. Another reason why I failed a few classes was because I was also distracted by social interactions with a few friends. These friends didn't care for their studies and I realized they didn't care about mines either. My emotions were all over the place whenever I hang out with these people which made me sleepy or distracted during class hours. CUT these people/things out of your life. Your true friends will not stress you out and will understand your priority of school first.
Keep your friends. I sound like I prioritize school and work before everyone else but that's not true. School, work, and life is all surrounded by friends so I'm never actually ditching anyone.. you know? But sometimes that's not the case for everyone. A few of us may not have friends at work, or at school, etc. It's hard to balance and to be honest, this advice is hard to give because all of our friends are different. But you have to know that sometimes balancing school and work can be a handful and we might forget about our friends. That's when you should give yourself a break from either work or school and have a night out. Even if it's just a few times a month, your friends will appreciate the time spent with you.
And there you go, some of my tips of post-secondary. It's a fun adventure, nothing as scary as it seems. I went to a school where I knew NO ONE (my high school friends went to a local college) and I ended up meeting new friends and having a blast. 
Remember, university is fun, but it's also a blessing. A lot of people can't afford to go to school... so work hard, and don't get caught up in the fun. Failing a class will happen (or may not) but don't fail a class because you wanted to do keg stands every night.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Product Review: Braun Silk-epil 3

Hello! I'm here to talk about.. hair removal
And, let's not kid ourselves - we all have and I don't see why people are so embarrassed by it.
We all have different preferences on hair removal, and it was only recently that I tried an epilator. I started off with Nair hair removal and then switched over to shaving. I have yet to try waxing and to be honest, I don't think I will ever wax given that A) I can't bring myself to pay $30+ for hair removal every few weeks, B) I am socially awkward, especially when I haven't done it before and finally C) I just think it's waaaaaaaay to painful... :( 
So, after watching a few reviews about epilators, I grabbed the Braun Silk-epil 3 on sale from my local drugstore and between you and I... I left it unused for about a month or so after purchasing it because I was too scared of the pain. (Yes, I have a low pain tolerance!) 
For those who don't know what an epilator is, it's an electronic hair removal device with many little tweezers that pulls many of your hair out of your root. Amount of tweezers differ from device to device, from as low as 20 tweezers to perhaps even 60 (or higher!). I believe all devices have speed settings and that usually contributes to the pain factor too.

I'm a lazy person and after a few weeks into summer, I realized how much of a hassle to shave my legs almost every other day or so just so it'll stay smooth. I don't mind little stubbles throughout the rest of the year but once it's summer, I like my legs smooth, no stubbles whatsoever. 
When I finally got up the courage to use the device, I hopped into the shower and exfoliated my legs with an exfoliating body wash and a loofah (yay for loofahs!). A lot of users recommend exfoliating and making sure there's no moisturize or skin cream on your legs.
At first use, I chose speed 1 in hopes it wouldn't be that painful. My little device has a mini built in light to help me see if I missed any hair. I started at ankle area and the front of my leg where there's not a lot of flesh covering the bones (or at least, for me). At first the 20 tweezers going at speed 1 caught a few hair and it wasn't as painful as I thought it was. I ran it up a few more inches where more hair grows and started feeling the epilator working. 
Take it from someone with low pain tolerance... when I say it isn't painful or not as painful, it really isn't. On a scale of 10, perhaps 4. Eventually after a few minutes, I eventually got used to the "pain" and ran it up and down my leg continuously without paying much attention.
Now, if you have hair on the back of your leg, it might hurt just a BIT more than the front but nothing you can't handle. 

The little device also has massaging rollers which reduces the pain dramatically. Because I chose speed 1, it did take a while until I was satisfied with the results. I believe Speed 2 will work more efficiently, but that's another time.
The hair didn't start growing back until 2 1/2 to 3 weeks later which made my lazy butt extremely satisfied. 

Also, as a tip, I like to use my free hand to pull the area of the skin before running the epilator across it. I find it helps a lot with the pain and the pressure from my other hand feels good. 

I haven't tried it on my underarms (I might soon... shaving them daily is a hassle :/), or on my arms as I don't feel the need to use it on my arm. I haven't tried it on my face (upper lips) was I shave the upper lip and finally, I don't think I will ever work up the courage to use it around my bikini area.

Overall, if you have an epilator on sale and you're getting tired of shaving, I would definitely grab one. Not only does it save you time throughout the weeks, it's not as painful as people make it and the results are great. And if you're one to head to spas/salons to get waxed, this thing will save you hundreds of dollars per year!

*Disclaimer: This is not a paid review. The opinions written above is based on my own experiences provided by my own money. I am no way affiliated with the company in any way.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

"Signs You're A Shopaholic" - IISuperwomanII Vlogs

Ladies... let's be real. We can all relate to Lily, haha.
Best 10 minutes vlog about shopping!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Once upon a time...

I knew American Sign Language.
Betcha didn't know that?
Like all my languages I've ever learned (French, Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish.. and ASL), I didn't put too much effort into it and eventually lost it all.
Now, aside from Chinese which I could have practiced everyday with anyone around me, I chose not to because I dislike the Chinese language (and please don't lecture me about racism.. I am Chinese after all) and French... well, I never practiced French after high school. Spanish was a gone show and I was never really into it.
American Sign Language, however, was something I wish to continue. The hardest part was finding a community that I could practice with. I knew no one that spoke ASL and despite my researches, I couldn't find a deaf/hard of hearing community.
Since I lost majority of my memories of sign, I'm slowly starting to miss it. I'm considering taking part time classes at a local community college to gain it back and have people to practice with.
Once I pay off my current school debts :(
But, honestly, ASL is one of the most beautiful languages I've ever learned. It's actually not even that hard to learn. I highly recommend picking up ASL for those who want to learn something new. 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

eBay Purchases

If you don't know yet, I love eBay... I don't care how "cheap" that sounds to you, but... ugh, I just can't get enough of eBay! When I can't sleep at night, I'll browse through eBay on my mobile just looking for things to "watch" and potentially purchase.

But, before I get into eBay... I want to let you guys all know... I JUST GOT HIRED BY TARGET!!! Now Americans are probably thinking... Target? What's so special about Target?? Well... Target is coming into Canada and one of the biggest location in my province is opening soon and just today, I signed all the papers and officially entered into the system... it's so weird to be part of a team that's opening the store.. like I'm getting hired before the general public and it's just.. weird, you know? All my previous jobs were located in stores that's been established for years already.

Anyways, to celebrate, I purchased a Canucks hat for my boyfriend who's a big Canucks fan and mentioned he would like a Canucks hat (Does anyone do the same thing as I do? Celebrate something by purchasing something for your significant other? LOL); I also purchased three items off eBay that I've been eyeing for and trying to limit my spending, I obviously tried my best not to buy things.. but since I'm finally employed again, I thought.. why not?!

For my eBay purchases, I've also included the link for those who are interested (they're from Canada eBay though)

The official colour of my wallet! A nice purple :3 Below is a picture of what it looks like inside.

I normally don't like big wallets but the one I have is butt ugly and everytime I'm out and I whip my wallet out, I feel like... it's not woman-ly of me and I know it's a stupid reason but I found this wallet that's super cheap and matches what I'm looking for in a wallet. And yes, I'm one of those assholes that bids in the last 5 seconds so no one can outbid me.. hate on me now.

Vintage Leaf Feather Bookworm / $1.74 USD (Buy-it-Now)

When I finally decided to stop using a little piece of paper to keep my position in the book, I decided to buy a bookmark but when I went to all the major bookstores in town, they're all average about $7 for a piece of paper... so I decided to check eBay and found this nice ribbon bookmark for only $1.74! Now I can read in peace without the little paper bothering me...
Faux Leather Zip Rivet Purse/ $6.56 USD (Buy-it-Now)

This is what I'm most excited for! I hope it comes in time because I got two events I'm attending to this month that I want to use it. It has two pockets and inbetween those pockets is a nice secure spot for whatever else. Some of the small bags I have don't match the outfits I wear and this little thing is convenient and matches with pretty much anything.

Now... just to wait for all my items to come :(