Thursday, August 1, 2013

eBay Purchases

If you don't know yet, I love eBay... I don't care how "cheap" that sounds to you, but... ugh, I just can't get enough of eBay! When I can't sleep at night, I'll browse through eBay on my mobile just looking for things to "watch" and potentially purchase.

But, before I get into eBay... I want to let you guys all know... I JUST GOT HIRED BY TARGET!!! Now Americans are probably thinking... Target? What's so special about Target?? Well... Target is coming into Canada and one of the biggest location in my province is opening soon and just today, I signed all the papers and officially entered into the system... it's so weird to be part of a team that's opening the store.. like I'm getting hired before the general public and it's just.. weird, you know? All my previous jobs were located in stores that's been established for years already.

Anyways, to celebrate, I purchased a Canucks hat for my boyfriend who's a big Canucks fan and mentioned he would like a Canucks hat (Does anyone do the same thing as I do? Celebrate something by purchasing something for your significant other? LOL); I also purchased three items off eBay that I've been eyeing for and trying to limit my spending, I obviously tried my best not to buy things.. but since I'm finally employed again, I thought.. why not?!

For my eBay purchases, I've also included the link for those who are interested (they're from Canada eBay though)

The official colour of my wallet! A nice purple :3 Below is a picture of what it looks like inside.

I normally don't like big wallets but the one I have is butt ugly and everytime I'm out and I whip my wallet out, I feel like... it's not woman-ly of me and I know it's a stupid reason but I found this wallet that's super cheap and matches what I'm looking for in a wallet. And yes, I'm one of those assholes that bids in the last 5 seconds so no one can outbid me.. hate on me now.

Vintage Leaf Feather Bookworm / $1.74 USD (Buy-it-Now)

When I finally decided to stop using a little piece of paper to keep my position in the book, I decided to buy a bookmark but when I went to all the major bookstores in town, they're all average about $7 for a piece of paper... so I decided to check eBay and found this nice ribbon bookmark for only $1.74! Now I can read in peace without the little paper bothering me...
Faux Leather Zip Rivet Purse/ $6.56 USD (Buy-it-Now)

This is what I'm most excited for! I hope it comes in time because I got two events I'm attending to this month that I want to use it. It has two pockets and inbetween those pockets is a nice secure spot for whatever else. Some of the small bags I have don't match the outfits I wear and this little thing is convenient and matches with pretty much anything.

Now... just to wait for all my items to come :(


  1. Cute buys! looove the bookmark

  2. that bookmark is really unique and pretty, i need a new bookmark so might have a look on ebay :) x



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