Friday, August 23, 2013

"Hipster" Glasses

Is it bad that I'm interested in getting "hipster" glasses? I actually don't know the actual term for these glasses but I'm starting to really loooooove them.
I got inspired by New Girl (any NG fans out there?!) and after watching both seasons, I have officially fell in love with Jessica Day's glasses. And I love the fact that the glasses compliments her bangs too.

You get the idea right? The frames aren't too big. 
This is currently my glasses:

 Trust me, I love these pair of glasses but a part of me feels like I would like a fresh look and/or change. 
I visited Lens Crafter a few months ago and tried on similar frames and my friend told me it looks great one me. A few made me an actual hipster but in general the frames made me "smarter" and older. 
I logged onto Clearly Contacts to check out some frames (they're so cheap!):

The first one is my favourite. The last two are really similar but I guess it's the frame's thickness that looks a bit different.
Either way, Clearly Contacts offers free returns so I'm debating weather to purchase the first frame or not...


  1. I recently got a new pair of glasses and they are "hipster" glasses because of New Girl too hahahaha
    I love that show and I needed a new pair so I couldn't resist. Maybe the frame is not that big but the shape is the same that the one Jess is wearing in the first picture.
    And get the first pair, they really suit you =)

    Maria x

  2. i totally own 'hipster' my defense my oakleys have always faux wood inlays on the side.

    A Beautiful Zen

  3. I'm not a Zooey fan at all.. but I do love hipster glasses - you should dive in and get a pair for sure. They look cute on you!
    Nikki at


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