Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Who doesn't know Carrie was based upon a novel?!

So, guess who finally got to see Carrie today?!

When I heard they were doing a remake of this, I was extremely excited and while I am a bit skeptical how on well remakes live up to the original one, I was right about this movie as soon as I saw the trailer - the remake of Carrie IS AMAZING!

I loved the opening scene, it was extremely intense. It pretty much made my top 5 opening scenes I'll remember. I felt Julianne Moore and Chloe Grace Mortez portrayed their characters to well, you gave give Carrie and Margaret White a new face (if you're used to picturing Carrie as portrayed by Sissy Spacek). I also enjoyed the modernization of the entire story... and oh, my goodness, I can't get over the beautiful colour of Mortez's hair in this film.

However, a bigger thumbs up is that the plot for this remake follows the novel written by Stephen King! I got super excited when they included Sue's minor story line, and the ending scene of Carrie's house AND when Sue testifies about the events months later.

That being said, as I walked out of the theatres, I overheard a group of young high school kids mentioning how they didn't know that Carrie was based off a book. One of my friends that watched the movie with me also admitted that he didn't know it was based off a book (and as Ender's Game is approaching, he didn't know that movie was based a novel too). 

I instantly thought... how do people NOT know Carrie is based on a book? How this remake has more connections towards the book than the original movie did. I mean... it's Stephen King! I honestly consider Carrie to be a classic.

As a bookworm, I've read this book ages ago and just listening to these kids and my friend makes me realize how pathetic our society is for not reading such great literature. In fact, nobody is reading at all! A lot of people, young and/or old, feel like reading is for "nerds" and it's "uncool and lame". I don't care if you read newspapers, magazines (Time, National Geographic, etc.) or general novels, but just read something! It sickens me how people are so afraid of books. Don't read romance if it's not your genre; read sports related novels, or horror novels. Any type of genre.

As society is getting younger, and technology is getting better, I actually fear the later generations would discard books and focus on Facebook. I personally find it extremely unattractive if you claim "I've never read a book in my life" or admitting books are lame/etc. If you don't read, I can't be friends with you. I don't care if you read Time Magazine or a book about knitting, as long as you read, I'm content. 

When I grow older and have kids of my own... trust me, I'll be introducing them to books before technology.  

Monday, October 28, 2013

Scary Encounters #4: The Possession

The last encounter is a personal one. 

Remember how I told you that I was starting to get back into faith at the beginning of the year? 

One night, after staying up late into the night with my friend, we both said a prayer before heading to sleep. 

It was a quiet night, I slept through it peacefully until the last few minutes before waking up. You know that dream you have just before you wake up in the last final minutes of your sleep?

In my dream, I was watching over an exorcism of a young lady. She was screaming on the floor and her body bending in ways that wasn't natural. As the priest was reciting an exorcism prayer, I watched the demon(s)' slowly showing itself via the girl. 

At that point, in my dream, I shouted 'Talk to me! Talk to me!" to the devil and the next thing I knew, I was woken up instantly and the first thing that came out of my mouth was a low male growl, a sound I've never made or even knew about in my life.

I took a few minutes to calm down and recollect the facts of my dream. When I got up, I noticed one of my grade school class photo in the trash can. It was hanging on my closet door and my trash can was beside it. Physically, if the photo were to fall in the middle of the night, it would have went straight down to the ground and no where else and impossible into the trash can, in a straight vertical. 

When I grabbed the photo out of the trash can, I took a closer look and noticed a scratch mark was made on the photo. I look closer at my closet door where the photo was and noticed a small dent on the door. 

And that concludes the end of Scary Encounters! I love supernatural/entities stories but when you know or actually experience it yourself, it's a whole new story... 

'Scary Encounters' is a mini segment that features true horror stories; it's a 4 week segment, starting on every Mondays of the October until the last Monday of the month, leading up to Halloween. Check out week 1, week 2, and week 3!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Beauty How-To: DIY Oil Blotting Sheets

I used to buy oil blotting sheets and at the price they're priced at, and me being a broke university student, I figured it's not worth spending $8-12 on sheets just to get rid of my oil when I'm on the go.

Luckily, my face doesn't get oily that much so even if I were to fork out $12, it'll last me a while.

However, for $1 from my local dollar store, I can have a lifetime of oil blotting sheets! ... okay, maybe not a lifetime but at the rate I use my oil sheets, one purchase from the dollar store can easily last me more than a year.

A lot of people don't know that oil sheets are the easiest DIY project... and trust me, as someone who can't do DIY projects, this is the EASIEST!

PS: You can put these in a zip lock bag or even a small plastic container (just cut to the appropriate size) and you can bring these sheets on the go!

Yes, you can even use Victoria's Secret's wrapping papers!
Sometimes you can't see the oil the tissue paper has absorbed but once you touch your wiped area, you'll noticed instantly there's no oil on your skin.

Enjoy your $1 sheets!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Book Review: Allegiant (Divergent #3) by Veronica Roth

Click here to view Allegiant's Goodreads profile.


Seriously... best trilogy I've read in a while.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

What I Wore: 20th Birthday Dinner

This dress was literally $10 from Urban Planet! I love body con dresses and lace. The white and pink colour schemes made it so flirty and cute... I can definitely see this on Valentine's Day too. Shoes were just a pair of black wedges.

I straightened my hair. My make-up was light and you can't see much of it due to the lighting and my bangs. But my lips were pink, eyeshadow was pink and blended with black on the outer crease. I used a little bit of blush and only wore light powder foundation all over my face.

I'm not a make-up person but that night I really loved how my make up turned out and that made me want to play around with make up more.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Scary Encounters #3: The Ouija Board

Now... it won't be October if there isn't an Ouija board involved!

Looking back, I think I'm glad that I missed out on the Ouija board night with a couple of friends. I remember spending it with my boyfriend and his friend back in late November a few years ago. 

My friends, Ryan, Kevin, and Sergio were all gathered at Ryan's house for another night of games and movies. Ryan brought along his aunt's Ouija board he found, whom bought it from a thrift store ages ago. As soon as I heard that his aunt bought it from a thrift store... that when I knew something was about to go down.

Ryan was the type of believe that the Supernaturals don't exist and was always ready to prove it to you. Kevin and Sergio both believe in the Supernatural, or at least, something out of this world.

After finishing the movie, Ryan brought out the Ouija board and got extremely hyped up and talked Kevin and Sergio into playing it. They were well aware that they couldn't take their hands off the pointer. 

It began with Ryan asking simple questions such as, 'Is anyone there?', 'Are you a boy or girl?', etc. 

According to all three guys, eventually someone answered. All three of them swore that they never pushed the pointer on their own. The spirit answering was a female figure. 

Ryan, wanting to prove that they don't exist, asked 'Why don't you show yourself?' and 'Make a move'. 

There was no answer.

Kevin, taunting the spirit said 'Is it because you're ugly?'

Still no answer. They decided to stop playing the game and go home. While they were at home, things started happening. Ryan told me he experienced chills and heard uncommon noises throughout his house that night. Normally, it's quiet. 

Sergio, whom didn't participate much but still had his fingers on the pointer said his 7/8 ft. tall Christmas tree suddenly fell down in the middle of the night.

And worst of all was Kevin's experience. He claimed the spirit followed him back to his house. While he was doing his own thing, he'll experience chills now and then. By the time he went to sleep, he was awoken up in the middle of the night. He told me he saw a shadowy figure of a woman bent down at the end of his bed and his room got extremely cold. He didn't have the nerves to say anything but his first instinct was to turn on his lamp. 

When he looked back to his bed, the figure was gone.

When I was a kid, I desperately wanted to try the Ouija board. I didn't know where to get them so I eventually gave up trying to get one. A few years ago, I found out that Toys R Us told them... I didn't buy one for myself but I bought one of my friend as a birthday gift... needless to say, it's still sitting in his closet, wrapped and untouched. 

I've read many things about the board, and no matter how tempting it might be, I don't think I will ever be brave enough to sit through one session with the board.

'Scary Encounters' is a mini segment that features true horror stories; it's a 4 week segment, starting on every Mondays of the October until the last Monday of the month, leading up to Halloween. Check out week 1, week 2, and week 4!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Celebrating my 20th... Alone! (!!!)

Okay, well... technically I didn't celebrate it alone as I was with my friends last night. But seeing as the 20th is actually my birthday, it's being spent alone.... :"(
 This is literally the last photo of me in my teen years. Taken just a few hours before the 20th and a few hours before my birthday dinner. Scrubbed and au-natural, haha.

I wish I've taken pictures during my birthday dinner but... nope, it didn't happened. My friends took a few pictures but they haven't uploaded them (plus, I look extremely unflattering in the angles). However, the dinner was amazing. I had a delicious burger, my friends got to meet and get to know my boyfriend, and it turned out great in general. After dinner, we went to a strip club but despite how entertaining it was, I was a bit bummed out because a lot of my friends decided to bail out right after dinner despite knowing the plans of a strip club. I guess they weren't ready as they said they were?

Unfortunately, we had to end the night because I had a 9:30AM flight out to Toronto for a job training (I'll blog about that after I come back!). Right now, I'm just sitting in my hotel room... alone :(

I'm on Skype with my boyfriend but he's more interested in the hockey game than messaging me.. boys. I can't believe it's already 8:30PM and back in Vancouver, it's only 5:30.. I'm still in awe about the whole time change despite being in the same country.

Anywho, this blog post is just random. I'm just extremely bored in my hotel room. Did not expect to experience my 20th birthday this way, haha.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday's Five Horror Movies for October

One of my favourite things about October is the horror movies they are released. This list is in no specific order but just five of my favourite horror movies of all time.

1. The Conjuring (2013)
I know this was released just released this year but I swear, this movie instantly kicked every horror movie off my list. To this day it still scares me... and did I mention it's based on a true story?! With actual photos to back up the movie's claim?

2. Insidious 2 (2013)
I though the first one was scary but I think this was better.
3. The Hills Have Eyes (2006)
I always watch this movie every year and I have no idea why. Some say it's more of a gory, slasher genre and not an actual horror movie but nonetheless, I enjoy watching it every year. Probably due to the fact that I'm interested in mutations/government conspiracies.
4. The Last Exorcism (2010)
I enjoyed it very much, it was a big plot twister throughout the movie. I have the DVD and one of the bonus feature is actual recording of exorcisms. They have a warning and a protection prayer for those who want to listen to it. I didn't.

5. The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005)
This is the first exorcism movie I've ever seen and I watched it with my mum and brother. It's based on a true story (pictures are even more scary) and for some reason, I always come back to this film.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Scary Encounters #2: Someone's Watching You...

Welcome back to another week of scary encounters! Don't you just love October??

While ghosts are always a fun topic to discuss, the contents in this week story might be controversial to others. I ask that you don't think much of religion and focus on the main encounter in this story. 

Shall we begin?

Earlier this year, I chose to rediscover faith and Jesus. I did it with the help of my good friend, Joere, a devoted Catholic. And as many of you know, you can't believe in Angels without believing in the demons. I told him one of the reasons why I strayed from the religion was due to my fear of demons. I didn't understand Angels back then.

Joere told me that whenever you accept Jesus into your life, the devil will try to tempt you and scare you. That's when you're test; and that's the moment you put your heart into the Angels and the Saints to protect you. 

One day, Joere told me his experience with an entity. I don't recall how we got onto the subject of entities, probably due to the release of The Last Exorcism II. I was still relearning about faith but I insisted Joere tell me his experience. 

One night, he was awoken in the middle of the night with the feeling of someone watching over him and a feeling that a presence was in his room. 

He took a quick glance around his room and his eyes laid at the end of his bed. There, he saw a pair of red eyes (and I believe a shadow-y figure). He knew instantly it was an entity, something in his mind warned him. He tried to tell it to go away, to leave him alone, but no matter how much he tried to scream or move his body, his muscles were paralyzed with fear.

It took him a few seconds to calm himself down before reciting a protection prayer to relieve anything bad in his room. For a few minutes after his prayer, he opened his eyes again to see nothing in his room, and his muscles working perfectly fine again.

So, this story from my friend is one of the scariest stories I've ever heard of. I have a great fear of entities after watching all those movies and despite having faith in my angels, it still terrifies me to hear real encounters with entities (and Joere's story wasn't the only one; I've heard a few other stories from devoted Catholics). Many of you might not believe in religion and wouldn't accept this story. But, retelling it from an actual experience, I trust that that night was a horrifying night.

'Scary Encounters' is a mini segment that features true horror stories; it's a 4 week segment, starting on every Mondays of the October until the last Monday of the month, leading up to Halloween. Check out week 1, week 3, and week 4!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Assimilation by Boyfriend

If you're following me on Instagram, the other day, you'll noticed that I shared a picture of me in my local hockey team's t-shirt.

Before meeting my boyfriend, S., I was never too big on sports, especially hockey. Yes, being Canadian, that's practically an unspeakable sin.

But in all seriousness, the only time I've ever watched the hockey games were back in the 2010 Winter Olympics (yeeeeeeeeeeee, Canada!) and the last game of the 2011 Canucks vs. Bruins for the Stanley Cup. 

Even before I dated S., the first time we met he shared his passion for hockey with me. I don't think I've ever met someone that passionate about hockey, and sports in general. I told him straight up that I don't follow sports (lucky me, that didn't change anything :P).

When the hockey season started this month, I decided to give it a shot and decided to learn more about hockey and pick up on one of his interests. He told me the rules, the players, why and how, etc. and eventually, he gave me the Canucks shirt (above). My classmate asked when I'll get an actual jersey and that's not until I feel comfortable with the sport.

I'm not going to lie - for someone that doesn't pay attention to sports, I do admit that I fairly enjoy watching hockey. Once I know the things I know now, hockey is entertaining and I can see why my fellow Canadians love the sport. I think it's a heart-racing game. Most of the time the puck is flying everywhere, I have a hard time catching up.

But nonetheless, thanks to my boyfriend, I have officially been assimilated into the hockey (Canucks) culture. And I hope to spread this culture to my non-sports fan friends.

By celebrating my successful assimilation, my boyfriend got me a Canucks keychain. Sadly, I only have one key to put on because I lost my bedroom door key and I share the car with my brother so I can't attach the car keys to the keychain :(

Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday's Five Things I'm Grateful For

I'm not going to lie... I love glitter/animation graphics. 
They should not be reserved for MySpace only! 

It's Thanksgiving weekend in Canada! From the bottom of my heart, I wish you guys (Canadians or not) a happy Thanksgiving this year and always remember to be grateful for what you have in life and what you've experienced and overcome. We shouldn't acknowledge our blessings once per year but daily, or even weekly. Take care, and enjoy the weekend!

1. Family/Friends
 I can't list these two as separate things because they're both equal. It's the first thing I'm grateful for because my family may not be the most perfect one, or I might not be the best friend for my friends but no matter what, they're always there for me to rant, celebrate and support me.

2. Canada 
Vancouver is one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in and I've always complained about how boring this city is. But when I take the time to reflect back on my home place, it's a beautiful place. I'm grateful for Vancouver (and Canada) because I'm living in one of the world's most beautiful and expensive place in the world. My parents work hard to keep us in the city and I don't want to move away from this place in the future.

3. Education
We take education for granted. My friends pay classes that they skip and don't bother trying. I'm grateful for my parents to support me through my education career and it's only a few months ago that I have realized I've taken my education for granted too. A lot of people can't afford education so I'm extremely grateful for the efforts my parents give.

4. Basic Necessities 
This is obvious. Homelessness is a big problem in Vancouver and when I read news about them suffering through Canadian winters, it's heartbreaking. I complain about how I find my house boring but in the end, I should be grateful for another warm night.

5. Happiness
This is something most people will overlook. I don't mean to sound selfish but given what I've been through, I'm grateful to feel and experience happiness in my life. 


Monday, October 7, 2013

Music Monday: Let Her Go - Tyler Ward (Passenger Cover)

I'm in love with this song! I know it's a cover but as soon as I checked out Passenger's original song, I couldn't listen past a minute (I know, that sounds really rude...). But there's something in Tyler's voice that just melts your heart and have tears run down your face.

Enjoy another week!

Scary Encounters #1: The Third Stall

Can you believe it's already October?! I absolutely love the last quarter of the year because September consist of Back to School and the start of fall, October has Halloween (and my birthday!), November is the quiet month before the holidays, and finally December... is well, the best month because it has Christmas, Boxing Day... and it marks the end and start of another year. 
However, despite Christmas being my favourite holiday, I do love Halloween because I'm a big fan of horror. The following encounter is actually based on a true story that I experienced and to this day, I can't explain it despite going through many logical explanations. 
This takes place back in my old elementary school which got transformed into a make-shift hospital during the World Wars and then converted back to a school when the wars were over. If you ever transferred into my elementary school, within the first year, you'll hear all the stories about the school being haunted. My school also made the front page of a very popular local newspaper about one of the ghosts named Sally being spotted in one of the old school's photographs.
I don't remember when this incident took place, but I do remember it was warm enough for us not to wear our jackets to school anymore, (and we know how cold Canadian winters and springs can be). It was in 7th grade when one recess period, my best friend, Dee and I went to visit our cafeteria lady, Cathy. We're actually good friends back then. During this one visit, I announced that I had go use the bathroom and Cathy told me, "Whatever you do, don't use the third stall in the girls' bathroom around the corner." I thought she was joking at first, but she insisted I use the upstairs bathroom. When I asked why, she didn't tell us because she thought we were too young and she didn't want to scare us. She just told us it was 'haunted'. (Looking back, Cathy has worked in that school for a long period of time - sometimes, I think she knows what really happened in that bathroom). 
Curious enough, Dee and I started to make our way around the corner. We bumped into a group of our classmates, and we told them what Cathy told us, and they too got curious. I forgot how many of us was there, but it was a mini group. We stood by the entrance of the bathroom and stood there for a few minutes. The washroom was quiet. We can hear kids laughing from outside, but it's really faint.
One of the girls was brave enough to go in first. She locked herself in the third stall and we waited for a bit before she bolted out of the stall. She described the experience with the feeling of a drop of temperature on her right side and felt like something was breathing on her. She also mentioned the stall door was shaking a bit.
Another girl decided to check it our herself. She locked herself into the stall. When she came out of it, she told us the stall doors were shaking a bit and she felt colder than she did before she entered. 
While we were trying to put a third girl into the stall to test out Cathy's story, we heard a laughter from the last stall which happens to be the biggest stall because it was a handicap stall. We tried to brush it off as one of the kid's laughter from outside but it had an eerie feeling that it did come from down the stalls. The last incident sent us screaming and running out of the toilet. 
While we tried to ignore the laughter, a big bang came from the same stall a few seconds after we heard the laughter. We knew it wasn't from outside because the entire building was made out of bricks. Despite the old building, the school didn't have a plumbing problem so we all cancelled out the possibility of the pipes making the noise (plus, none of us ever heard a pipe make a noise like that).  
Cathy came running out to see what the screaming was about and she knew instantly we were in the third stall. She warned us not to go in there because something bad happened. However, I do remember that everytime I used that bathroom in general (prior to learning about that story), it always had this eerie feeling... 
 That was my first "haunted" encounter. I honestly still don't know if I believe in ghosts or not. I love telling this story but sometimes I know how stupid it sounds. A bunch of 6th graders, paranoid to the mind, believed a story their lunch lady told them. But... it's still a story I love telling! 
'Scary Encounters' is a mini segment that features true horror stories; it's a 4 week segment, starting on every Mondays of the October until the last Monday of the month, leading up to Halloween. Check out week 2, week 3, and week 4!

Sunday, October 6, 2013


*This post is marked as NSFW because it contains contents about breasts! There is, however, NO photos. So... just, go away if you're here for those pictures....

Have you noticed how society is constantly changing? That includes society norms too.

The topic about breast, more importantly, small boobs, came to me when I noticed how so many, and I mean, A LOT of girls feel insecure about their boobs (and body). Girls on the Internet when I browse Tumblr and girls I know in real life.

As a member of the 'itty bitty titty' group (I'm a 34A/36A), I'm here to try to get you to accept your body and share my journey with you.

I'm open about everything in my life and I TRY not to compare myself to other girls but sometimes I do. A lot of people think I'm confident about the way I look and 90% of the times I agree but there are occasions when I do compare myself to another girl and feel... bitter about myself. We've all been there.

I don't like to stereotype but I have encountered many Asian girls with B+ cup sizes and Caucasian girls with A cups. But, being Asian, I do have A cup sizes, the smallest in my (extended) family and I personally think it's due to my diet during puberty (my mum and every girl in my extended family is pretty much a natural B cup). After getting out the puberty years, the only time my boobs will ever grow again is probably when I'm pregnant. (and I'm only 19 years old right now... ps. turning 20 in 14 days!)

Actress, Emma Stone.
Growing up, I didn't think much about breast. I mean, I knew I'll eventually get them but I didn't care about the size. It never occurred to me that society cares so much about boob sizes. Throughout high school, my style was extremely casual and barely showed any cleavage (I mean... we're in high school, c'mon). By the time I reached graduation, I knew my boobs stopped growing and accepted the fact that I was a 32A. I didn't mind, I felt like... well, at least I got something, LOL.

During the last few years of high school, I dated someone named Adam* and he was my first boyfriend, and also the one to lose my virginity to. That being said, he's the first guy to ever see me naked. I later saw pictures of his most recent ex, Kelsey* (at that time) and thought, holy crap, she's... beautiful. And eventually, I got self- conscious about myself. She was pretty, tall, and had bigger boobs that I did. I thought, well... Adam got out of a relationship with her and I'm nowhere compared to her, especially in the chest department which was probably more "fun" in bed. Eventually, I don't know how, but I got over it. I realized, she's probably pretty with all her make-up, and Adam made it clear that he loves my breast, despite the small size.

After graduation (and breaking up with Adam), I got a whole new change in style and overall confidence. I started university and met a lot of new people and that's when I noticed my style changed a lot. My entire closet is consisting of low-cut shirts and tank tops. I'm not ashamed of that because I can't find "conservative" clothes that I like (I mean, I do have sweaters, pull overs, plaid/denim shirts, etc). Also, just to make it clear, I'm extremely comfortable with low cut, v necks, etc. tops - I don't wear them for attention or to feel sexy.

Because I updated my entire wardrobe, most shirts showed cleavage which I never showed before and got a lot of guys talking to me. I'm a picky person when it comes to love (and sex/making out) so despite the compliments, nothing happened. But I've noticed how many guys talked to me now compared to then. And you know what, my boobs only went one size up to a 34A... somewhere from the day I left high school til now. Somewhere along that period, my boobs grew somehow which made them slightly bigger than back in high school.

Singer, Lana  Del Rey.
Eventually, I met someone else named Lewis*. Despite his occasional comments like "Damn, look at her boobs" when we're watching a movie, to the rudest ones "Don't you wish you had tits like that?", thanks to Lewis (don't worry, I ended it. He was a jackass), I learned that guys don't care about size. As long as there's something to squeeze and touch, they're fine with whatever size. Don't get me wrong, just because I realized that doesn't mean I'm 100% comfortable yet.

Fast forward to my 19th birthday and being legal. I can finally hit the clubs. I dressed sexy; cleavage showing but when I first entered a club... I just thought, holy crap, all these girls' boobs look like they're about to pop out. I didn't mind, I still got guys hitting on me at the club, but I just realized how girls uses their rack to get attention and how guys fall for that.

With my current boyfriend, I feel extremely comfortable in my skin when I'm with him. He has never made me uncomfortable with my choices and my size. However, I know his past included party girls, you know, girls with big tits popping out and he knows a lot of girls that has big chest. Sometimes, I feel extremely unhappy with myself because in my head, I'll think he's comparing a girl to me. He gives me no reason to why I should assume that but I guess it's insecurity that we all have.

Whenever I see pictures of girls (especially Asians) with racks that are bigger than an A cup, I feel self conscious... extremely self conscious to the point where I actually think about getting implants (not to boost myself to like a DD but I guess like a 32B or 34B). I get jealousy because sometimes I feel that men will obviously choose the one with a bigger rack; I get jealous over the fact that they get to wear certain dresses and tops that only looks flattering with bigger chest. I end up sleeping on that feeling. I have nothing against implants but growing up, I was taught that implants were a no-no because they're fake, and eventually making you into a fake person. 

Whenever I hit rock bottom to consider implants (this is a personal opinion. Rock bottom for me is considering implants but like I said, I have nothing against that and I mean no disrespect for those who has done the surgery), I end up sleeping on it and waking up to reasons why I love my small chest. It a bad habit for me to look at photos of girls' night out and I've cut back on it so my confidence hasn't been low in a while. I stopped blaming my poor youth diet and accepted the fact that I'm an A cup. I have a boyfriend that doesn't make me self-conscious and I need to be more grateful about that. He loves every inch of me and I couldn't be happier. I know he's been with other girls that were... bigger than me, but in the end, he's still happy with me and he's with me, not her

I love my small breast because:
  • I feel like guys are interested in me for me. Not because of my body. 
  • Despite my cleavage not being as big and 'out there' as other girls, I think my cleavage is cute and sexy. Cute because most small things are cute (LOL) and sexy because you only see the top of it and makes you wonder. Some girls literally have their entire racks out in the open.
  • Cute bras! Teehee. 
  • I still get to wear "cute teen graphic shirts" without stretching them out.
  • I can go without a bra and not have people giving me the stank eye... though, I don't do that in public.
  • I can go to places without being bothered by horny guys.
  • That being said, I don't have to endure stares.
  • Small boobs = more comfort laying on my stomach!
  • Also, running or anything similar to that isn't a problem :P
  • It suits me. I'm a small girl, 5'1. My fingers are small, my feet are small, my entire body is small! In the end, it's just all proportions.
  • Oh, one of my favourite one is probably it fits perfectly into my boyfriend's hands.
Haha, too much information?

But in all seriousness, my journey isn't over. I still overcome jealousy and doubts about my body but I am accepting myself better than I did before. In the end, with boobs (and the rest of your body), men will love you for you. They honestly don't care about size... and you know what, if they do, you know that they're in it for sex and nothing more. I've read dozens of bigger breast women wishing they have smaller breast because of all the reasons to love them. I've read hundreds of men telling the truth that they don't care about sizes.

Ladies, trust me when I say love your boobs! Sure, there will be days when you feel unhappy with them but there's nothing wrong with small boobs. Embrace your body and soon, the world will love you for you.

One thing that helped me A LOT to overcome my self-consciousness about small boobs is this Tumblr blog named The Itty Bitty Titty Committee (NSFW; contains images). It's has pictures of real women with their small chest, confessions from men and women AND a collection of celebrities that embraced their small chest. Wonderful site and highly recommended.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday's Five Reasons I love October

I was born on the beautiful 20th of this month... ^_^

2. Cozy nights in.
Vancouver tends to rain a lot. Mixed in with the cold weather, it's just calling for warm drinks and blanket snuggles.

3. Halloween TV/Movie specials.
I love holidays because TV stations decide to put on reruns of my favourite shows' Halloween episode(s). And, can't complain about the movies too - Halloween High! (LOL)

4. Pumpkin Spice Latte.
I know it's more of an Autumn thing... but... let's be honest, it was meant for October.

5. Halloween!
Well... duh!

Yeah, who remembers the years the Internet was dominated by glitter animations?!

Subscription Box Review: UMCheeky.com (NSFW)

*This review is rated… PG-13(?) NSFW as it’s about lingerie! :o
First of all, oh my god, I don’t ever want my real life friends to see this post. I’m comfortable talking about lingerie with my friends (eg. “I’m shopping for new panties!”) but having and knowing they’ve see some of panties is just too weird. Only my boyfriend has seen my collection of panties, haha.
UMCheeky.com is a subscription site that gives its subscribers two pairs of panties for $6* with free shipping(!!!!)** and 100% satisfaction guarantee for every month the subscriber is subscribed for. The site hand picks “cheeky” panties that are fun, flirty and feminine. Right now they offer cheeky panties and slowly working into thongs.

I initially chose to subscribe because it’s ridiculously CHEAP with 100% satisfaction (which means you and I can cancel ANYTIME without reason and with refund) and I just need new panties but I don’t need 6-8 for $40-50 at a time. I think 2/month for only $6 is a great deal with me. I have a lot of old pairs that I can’t wait to replace because they’re ugly and not cute whatsoever (LOL).
The packaging. I love how they send it a plain dark black sleeve WITHOUT any indications that panties are inside.

Nicely wrapped like any lingerie store!

My first pair. I think this pair is super cute! I love the colour (big fan of pink panties, I don’t know why :P) and the simple but settle detailing.

The lovely detailing.

My second pair! This is… sexy! It’s something I normally wouldn’t purchase because I couldn’t see myself forking $25 for a pair of panties I’m not sure but I’m excited to try a whole new style!

The detailing… so pretty!

UMCheeky tag on the panties. A bit big but I’m going to remove it. You can see it’s made in China but I’m not too concerned about where it’s manufactured as long as it gives great comfort and last long. I’ve bought panties and clothing from China and has lasted me for years without any problems.

Would I keep my subscription?! Heck yes! I can’t believe for $3/panty, I can get the same quality as La Senza and Victoria’s Secret (and it’s not only me claiming that!). Financially, this is the best deal for me. The cotton feels amazing so I can only assume the comfort would be perfect (I haven’t thrown them into the wash yet).
Other pros about this company?

  • Free shipping to US AND Canada! My fellow Canadians, how often do we get free shipping on a regular basis?
  • No taxes! I thought I’ll be paying $6 and whatever cents but it was $6 CAD flat.
  • Super fast shipping. I forgot which company they use to ship (it’s mentioned on their website) but from New York to Vancouver, BC, it only took 2-3 business days.
  • 100% customer guarantee! I’ve read horror stories of customers cancelling their subscriptions to other services but when I found out I can cancel anytime and get a refund for the month, I felt extremely safe giving this company a try.
    PANTIES - 2 for $6
    *The 2/$6 is redeemable when you enter the promo code: FALL13
    **Free shipping to Canada and the US; $5 fee for international shipping.
    ***Disclaimer: This is not a paid review. The opinions written above is based on my own experiences provided by my own money. I am no way affiliated with the company in any way.