Sunday, October 13, 2013

Assimilation by Boyfriend

If you're following me on Instagram, the other day, you'll noticed that I shared a picture of me in my local hockey team's t-shirt.

Before meeting my boyfriend, S., I was never too big on sports, especially hockey. Yes, being Canadian, that's practically an unspeakable sin.

But in all seriousness, the only time I've ever watched the hockey games were back in the 2010 Winter Olympics (yeeeeeeeeeeee, Canada!) and the last game of the 2011 Canucks vs. Bruins for the Stanley Cup. 

Even before I dated S., the first time we met he shared his passion for hockey with me. I don't think I've ever met someone that passionate about hockey, and sports in general. I told him straight up that I don't follow sports (lucky me, that didn't change anything :P).

When the hockey season started this month, I decided to give it a shot and decided to learn more about hockey and pick up on one of his interests. He told me the rules, the players, why and how, etc. and eventually, he gave me the Canucks shirt (above). My classmate asked when I'll get an actual jersey and that's not until I feel comfortable with the sport.

I'm not going to lie - for someone that doesn't pay attention to sports, I do admit that I fairly enjoy watching hockey. Once I know the things I know now, hockey is entertaining and I can see why my fellow Canadians love the sport. I think it's a heart-racing game. Most of the time the puck is flying everywhere, I have a hard time catching up.

But nonetheless, thanks to my boyfriend, I have officially been assimilated into the hockey (Canucks) culture. And I hope to spread this culture to my non-sports fan friends.

By celebrating my successful assimilation, my boyfriend got me a Canucks keychain. Sadly, I only have one key to put on because I lost my bedroom door key and I share the car with my brother so I can't attach the car keys to the keychain :(

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