Monday, October 7, 2013

Scary Encounters #1: The Third Stall

Can you believe it's already October?! I absolutely love the last quarter of the year because September consist of Back to School and the start of fall, October has Halloween (and my birthday!), November is the quiet month before the holidays, and finally December... is well, the best month because it has Christmas, Boxing Day... and it marks the end and start of another year. 
However, despite Christmas being my favourite holiday, I do love Halloween because I'm a big fan of horror. The following encounter is actually based on a true story that I experienced and to this day, I can't explain it despite going through many logical explanations. 
This takes place back in my old elementary school which got transformed into a make-shift hospital during the World Wars and then converted back to a school when the wars were over. If you ever transferred into my elementary school, within the first year, you'll hear all the stories about the school being haunted. My school also made the front page of a very popular local newspaper about one of the ghosts named Sally being spotted in one of the old school's photographs.
I don't remember when this incident took place, but I do remember it was warm enough for us not to wear our jackets to school anymore, (and we know how cold Canadian winters and springs can be). It was in 7th grade when one recess period, my best friend, Dee and I went to visit our cafeteria lady, Cathy. We're actually good friends back then. During this one visit, I announced that I had go use the bathroom and Cathy told me, "Whatever you do, don't use the third stall in the girls' bathroom around the corner." I thought she was joking at first, but she insisted I use the upstairs bathroom. When I asked why, she didn't tell us because she thought we were too young and she didn't want to scare us. She just told us it was 'haunted'. (Looking back, Cathy has worked in that school for a long period of time - sometimes, I think she knows what really happened in that bathroom). 
Curious enough, Dee and I started to make our way around the corner. We bumped into a group of our classmates, and we told them what Cathy told us, and they too got curious. I forgot how many of us was there, but it was a mini group. We stood by the entrance of the bathroom and stood there for a few minutes. The washroom was quiet. We can hear kids laughing from outside, but it's really faint.
One of the girls was brave enough to go in first. She locked herself in the third stall and we waited for a bit before she bolted out of the stall. She described the experience with the feeling of a drop of temperature on her right side and felt like something was breathing on her. She also mentioned the stall door was shaking a bit.
Another girl decided to check it our herself. She locked herself into the stall. When she came out of it, she told us the stall doors were shaking a bit and she felt colder than she did before she entered. 
While we were trying to put a third girl into the stall to test out Cathy's story, we heard a laughter from the last stall which happens to be the biggest stall because it was a handicap stall. We tried to brush it off as one of the kid's laughter from outside but it had an eerie feeling that it did come from down the stalls. The last incident sent us screaming and running out of the toilet. 
While we tried to ignore the laughter, a big bang came from the same stall a few seconds after we heard the laughter. We knew it wasn't from outside because the entire building was made out of bricks. Despite the old building, the school didn't have a plumbing problem so we all cancelled out the possibility of the pipes making the noise (plus, none of us ever heard a pipe make a noise like that).  
Cathy came running out to see what the screaming was about and she knew instantly we were in the third stall. She warned us not to go in there because something bad happened. However, I do remember that everytime I used that bathroom in general (prior to learning about that story), it always had this eerie feeling... 
 That was my first "haunted" encounter. I honestly still don't know if I believe in ghosts or not. I love telling this story but sometimes I know how stupid it sounds. A bunch of 6th graders, paranoid to the mind, believed a story their lunch lady told them. But... it's still a story I love telling! 
'Scary Encounters' is a mini segment that features true horror stories; it's a 4 week segment, starting on every Mondays of the October until the last Monday of the month, leading up to Halloween. Check out week 2, week 3, and week 4!


  1. Geezus, if it was me, I would never use that bathroom again.

    I'm a scaredy cat like that.

  2. I would've been too scared to go even be outside of that stall


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