Monday, October 14, 2013

Scary Encounters #2: Someone's Watching You...

Welcome back to another week of scary encounters! Don't you just love October??

While ghosts are always a fun topic to discuss, the contents in this week story might be controversial to others. I ask that you don't think much of religion and focus on the main encounter in this story. 

Shall we begin?

Earlier this year, I chose to rediscover faith and Jesus. I did it with the help of my good friend, Joere, a devoted Catholic. And as many of you know, you can't believe in Angels without believing in the demons. I told him one of the reasons why I strayed from the religion was due to my fear of demons. I didn't understand Angels back then.

Joere told me that whenever you accept Jesus into your life, the devil will try to tempt you and scare you. That's when you're test; and that's the moment you put your heart into the Angels and the Saints to protect you. 

One day, Joere told me his experience with an entity. I don't recall how we got onto the subject of entities, probably due to the release of The Last Exorcism II. I was still relearning about faith but I insisted Joere tell me his experience. 

One night, he was awoken in the middle of the night with the feeling of someone watching over him and a feeling that a presence was in his room. 

He took a quick glance around his room and his eyes laid at the end of his bed. There, he saw a pair of red eyes (and I believe a shadow-y figure). He knew instantly it was an entity, something in his mind warned him. He tried to tell it to go away, to leave him alone, but no matter how much he tried to scream or move his body, his muscles were paralyzed with fear.

It took him a few seconds to calm himself down before reciting a protection prayer to relieve anything bad in his room. For a few minutes after his prayer, he opened his eyes again to see nothing in his room, and his muscles working perfectly fine again.

So, this story from my friend is one of the scariest stories I've ever heard of. I have a great fear of entities after watching all those movies and despite having faith in my angels, it still terrifies me to hear real encounters with entities (and Joere's story wasn't the only one; I've heard a few other stories from devoted Catholics). Many of you might not believe in religion and wouldn't accept this story. But, retelling it from an actual experience, I trust that that night was a horrifying night.

'Scary Encounters' is a mini segment that features true horror stories; it's a 4 week segment, starting on every Mondays of the October until the last Monday of the month, leading up to Halloween. Check out week 1, week 3, and week 4!

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  1. I'm also in a heavily religious family.
    I asked my mum if she had believed in ghost, and she looked at me like "of course there are ghosts". Quite spooky, because when she was young she had played with the ouija board.... well attempted to with the high school group who did it weekly. She tried to participate butthe board flung from her reach and flipped the tables around her. The ghost preceded to tell the others who does not trust spiritual people .

    Can't wait for the rest.


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