Monday, October 28, 2013

Scary Encounters #4: The Possession

The last encounter is a personal one. 

Remember how I told you that I was starting to get back into faith at the beginning of the year? 

One night, after staying up late into the night with my friend, we both said a prayer before heading to sleep. 

It was a quiet night, I slept through it peacefully until the last few minutes before waking up. You know that dream you have just before you wake up in the last final minutes of your sleep?

In my dream, I was watching over an exorcism of a young lady. She was screaming on the floor and her body bending in ways that wasn't natural. As the priest was reciting an exorcism prayer, I watched the demon(s)' slowly showing itself via the girl. 

At that point, in my dream, I shouted 'Talk to me! Talk to me!" to the devil and the next thing I knew, I was woken up instantly and the first thing that came out of my mouth was a low male growl, a sound I've never made or even knew about in my life.

I took a few minutes to calm down and recollect the facts of my dream. When I got up, I noticed one of my grade school class photo in the trash can. It was hanging on my closet door and my trash can was beside it. Physically, if the photo were to fall in the middle of the night, it would have went straight down to the ground and no where else and impossible into the trash can, in a straight vertical. 

When I grabbed the photo out of the trash can, I took a closer look and noticed a scratch mark was made on the photo. I look closer at my closet door where the photo was and noticed a small dent on the door. 

And that concludes the end of Scary Encounters! I love supernatural/entities stories but when you know or actually experience it yourself, it's a whole new story... 

'Scary Encounters' is a mini segment that features true horror stories; it's a 4 week segment, starting on every Mondays of the October until the last Monday of the month, leading up to Halloween. Check out week 1, week 2, and week 3!


  1. how creepy! :) Check out my blog for my giveaway. Hope you will enter :)

  2. Omg this story post totally creeping me out :c Xx

  3. Woah, woah, what?! After watching The Conjuring and all those freaky movies this a no-go for my brain haha creeeeeeeeeeeeeepy!

    1. Oh my god, The Conjuring is literally one of the scariest movies I've ever seen! To this day it still haunts me, especially the scene where the mom was playing hide-and-clap and as she approaches the closet, a pair of hands clapped in her face. I can't think about that movie without getting paranoid and chills.


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