Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Product Review: Thermos + Threadless Water Bottle

Do not let this cute design throw you off about this water bottle!

I don't know much about household brands but I've seen Thermos to recognize it's a reputable brand. Thermos teamed up with Threadless to produce cute water bottles with many different great designs. 

I originally purchased this because it's a (big) 24oz/.71 litres and I needed a stainless steel waterbottle, AND it was on sale for $8. I mean, $8 for a cute bottle or $8 for a plain coloured plastic bottle? Plus, I don't enjoy plastic stuff that much.

At first, I loved it. The cap has a push button and the lid pops right up for easy and fast accessible drinking. It doesn't retain warmth, so if you're a coffee/tea drinker, don't expect this to keep the heat. It cooled down my boiling hot water within 20 minutes with the cap tightly sealed.

However, the disappointing part has occurred and ruined my school notebook twice already.

The biggest downfall to this product is the fact that it leaks easily despite the cap being screwed tightly on and the cap sealed.

On the first occasion, I noticed my school notebook was soaking wet. I thought it was funny because it wasn't raining... and even then, the rain doesn't get into my bag. So I looked into it and found my water bottle weighting less than it did before. It turned out, my water bottle leaked its entire contents into my bag. The cap was screwed on tightly and it wasn't opened. I thought, maybe something pressed open the cap but nope, everything was sealed. It messed up my entire notebook that I ended up needing to borrow someone else's Strategic Management notes and buying a new notebook..

The second time it happened, I felt my jeans getting wet all of a sudden. I looked into it and once again, my water bottle, tightly sealed was somehow leaking.

It baffles me so much. I assume perhaps the lid isn't closed properly but it is. When I pull the bottle out and I turn it upside down to see if it's leaking, no water drips out. I understand all bottles leak, but when you can't pinpoint HOW it's leaking... it's a big frustration!

I love this water bottle but I think it's time to switch to a different bottle if it always mysteriously leaks. I'll sacrifice a cute bottle for my stupid school notes >.<"

Quality: 3.5
Price: 2/5 ($15.99 reg; $7.99 sale)
Would I recommend it?: Yes, but keep it on an outer pocket of your bag/backpack
Overall rating: 4/5

Brand: Thermos with partnership with Threadless
Company website: Here
Where to buy: London Drugs


  1. I hate it when they do that! Good luck finding another bottle.

  2. Your blog is one of the best I've found in a while, love it! Shame about the water bottle though! xx

  3. It's funny that this review popped up when my water bottle broke T_T. It's really cute but it's too bad that it doesn't actually do what it's supposed to, which is carry water without leaking.

    Good luck trying to find another one!


  4. did you experience a metallic taste to water when drinking from this bottle? I just got this bottle and despite cleaning and using it for only plain water it gives a metallic smell/taste...uugh!

  5. I remember a metallic smell during the first few usages but after some washes, it wasn't there anymore. Taste, however, I didn't experience that; just the smell.


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