Wednesday, February 19, 2014

"Sir, I can't write my exam because I need to catch the hockey game."

"You are too Canadian."

You know what happens on Friday?? ;)
Yeeee, that's what's happening!
(It's the USA vs. Canada men's hockey game in Sochi).

Today, a classmate tried to give me a wet willy... in class.
I mean, we're not even friends...
So, you don't even have the right to stick your finger in my ear.

Today also consisted of telling my professor that I can't write Friday's exam due to the iconic USA vs. Canada game... (and that ain't even the gold medal game). My professor (from the Philippines) still can't grasp how 'Canadians' put hockey above everything else. 

Prof, I wish I knew why I put Babcock's team ahead of my education, too. I really do.

I also told my professor that if we lose to US, I'm not coming to school because I'd be too upset.

I'd be furious, too.

Hockey is Canada's game!

And finally, I'd leave you with Eddie's tweet for me:

In 7 years, I'll make a new blog that documents my marriage with Eddie. 
Otherwise, keep a look out for my introductory post of 'Jeddie' ;)
It'll happen... you guys just wait.... wait.



  1. I laughed seeing how you're passionate about it. To be honest hockey is one of the sports that I'm less familiar with (I mean, I come from a tropical country, no wonder... hahaha). But good luck for Canada!

  2. Go USA! lol Hope you enjoy your game.

  3. I want to try telling my boss i can't come into work because HOCKEY. i wonder if it would work. (prob not)

  4. Love this! I wish I could tell my teachers that I wouldn't show up because of the Olympics!Stopping by from the Little Friday Linkup!

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts


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