Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Moment When I Put on a Sports Bra and I Turn into a Man

Umm... who hasn't taken a selfie in their sports bra just before the workout session? I wish I knew how to make a top bun so I can at least look like a girl. Friends (and future husband), are you embarrassed to have me in your life yet?

This is why small chested girls shouldn't buy a cover-up sports bra. I look like a dude, but seriously... don't call me Jason. Don't get me wrong, as someone who prefers to spend her days on her butt, $8 for a bra is a good deal compared to spending $50 on an item I'd wear only 1% of the 365 days. (I purchased this online with free shipping so I never got a chance to try it on).

I mean... I can show off just a little bit with the bras above costing about $50 BUT I work out at home... in my room. With my dog as the only gawker. 

I gotta impress my Maltipoo, you know?
(But perhaps when I can afford a membership and afford the courage to hit the gym, I'll consider one of these bras).

But in all seriousness, one of my New Years resolution is to get fit. One of my favourite bloggers (and honestly, everyone's favourite blogger), Michelle @ Mish Lovin' Life is currently doing the 30 Days Squat Challenge after Beyonce's performance at the... Grammy's? I believe it was the Grammy's but correct me if I'm wrong.

I'm on Day 2 and it's buuuuuuuuuurning already.

If anyone's curious, my routine consist of 1) however amount of squats I gotta do for the day, 2) 20 kick backs for each leg and finally 3) 20 toe taps. I also have a resistant band to help with my arms and if I'm in the mood, I'll do 20 crunches. 

And if I'm not embarrassing myself already with a flat chested sports bra picture, here's a picture of my booty prior to starting the challenge. Let's see if anything changes one month later.

Wait, I'm Chinese so naturally we're born flat everywhere.


  1. I've got about a small-medium chest size, and when I work out I prefer the spaghetti strap sports bras as opposed to the tank top ones. Ahh I need to start working out again! I'm starting to fit into some of my "accidentally bought this too big" clothes. Eek. The funny thing is I bought a bunch of new sports bras to motivate myself and I've yet to actually put them on. Hah. Good luck with your booty challenge Jessica! ^_^

  2. Good luck with this challenge! I want to do it aswell :)

  3. I've always bought cheap sports bras because I hardly ever work out, and when I do, I'm like you and just do it in the privacy of my own room. Good luck with your challenge, which really does sound challenging. I do not like squats at all.

  4. Oh I only have one sports bra and I've had it for a whiiiiiiiiile. So that's telling you how fast my boobs grow...LOL. I need to get my bootay back to the gym though! I'm forcing myself to do the squat challenge as well...starting tomorrow morning ;) I want to have a nice butt but me + squats do NOT mix well.


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