Sunday, March 16, 2014

I'm sorry, BBM... (1 1/2 weeks Lent update)

On Wednesday, it'll be about two weeks since Lent season started... and this year, I decided to only give up social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr).

Here's a brief update:
Facebook: I deactivated FB about a week before Lent started and I've done it numerous time that I no longer suffer from "Facebook withdrawal".

Instagram: I do miss sharing photos and "keeping update" with friends and celebs buuuut, I'm happy I'm not loading up Instagram every hour or so. 

Tumblr: I miss those beautiful quotes and inspirational photos.

Twitter: This is the one I miss the most. I rant on a daily basis (and science proves ranting is good for you!). Soooooooooooo, guess where I'm updating my rants, thoughts, and wtf moments. 

On BBM. My poor BBM status bar has been abused. I think I annoy everyone on my list already and no matter HOW MUCH I try to not update... I just feel the need to. So, I do apologize to all my contacts (though, it's not like they'll read this apology anyways) and need a similar outlet to Twitter asap.

I am suffering from BBM withdrawal :(


  1. Kudos to you! I don't know if I could handle not using ALL of my social media. I would be like you and miss Twitter most because I use that more than anything. I could live without Facebook and Insta, but Twitter...lawd. I don't know if I could handle!

  2. It's horrible, don't ever give up Twitter! I feel like I'm definitely annoying all my friends with statuses updates and spamming them on our convos because I got nowhere else to share my thoughts with. I really want my Twitter back :(

    And I feel so out of the loop from my friends and their "inner thoughts".


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