Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What is it like to be white?

So if you're from Canada, why are you Chinese?
Haha, it doesn't work as well as Karen Smith's.

*Disclaimer: This post is not intended to be racists or discriminating. It's tended for pure fun and entertainment.

I don't mind being Chinese... I mean, what can I possibly do about it? But, if I'm honest, I've always wondered what it's like to be Caucasian and I know it sounds weird but it came across my mind when I was a kid!

What is it like to...
  • Be called by your surname and not feel/sound weird about it? I swear, I sometimes wish I had a surname that can easily be used as a first name by someone that hates me dearly. Like, Potter, or Granger.

  • Be able to pull off every, and I mean every hair colour? For most Asians, you just look trashy with platinum blonde hair.
  • Have boobies? Seriously.
  • Know you sort of have a 'advantage' in life. I hate to say it, but it's true, racism still exists so I believe that some employers (illegally) prefer a Caucasian.
  • Have family traditions? Asians family don't do really do traditions...
  • Move out once you graduate high school? For us, it's usually not until we're married.
  • Have parents and siblings say "I Love You" to you? I'm not saying we don't love each other, but we just don't express it to each other.
  • Have eyelids to put eyeshadow?! Seriously.
I'll tell you what it's like to be Chinese:
  • Small boobies, but big brain.
  • "I bet you can solve that math equation in your head... in like 10 seconds!"
  • Chinese school... forced upon you.
  • Hearing "I love Chinese food!" Only knows chow mein and sweet and sour pork.
  • Getting stared at by traditional Chinese people for dating someone that's not Chinese or White. Yes, I think Chinese people are accepting Chinese/Caucasian couples but they can't accept a Chinese/Indian? (I dated an Indian).
  • Random family gatherings and meeting an uncle you've never heard about... 
  • Not to mention the comments that come from family gatherings like... "Why are you so fat?" "Are you on a diet?" "Are you dating anyone? Why are you not dating anyone?"
  • Generic Chinese surnames that you share with every Chinese person... like Wong, Ho, Hoang, Lee, Li, etc.
  • Getting excited when you see an Asian in Hollywood

My parents got Westernized by the time my brother was born so when I was born, I was literally raised with a Canadian culture. English is my first language, not Chinese. It surprises people when I tell them I don't have a Chinese name... why should that shock you?

But yes, despite growing up with a Canadian culture like the rest of the white people in this country, being ethnically different still proves how different one Canadian can be from another. It really has crossed my mind to think what it's like to be Caucasian.

Have you guys ever thought what it's like to be a different ethnic? 
Or... is it just me? o_O


  1. I may be white, but I don't have big boobs and my dad has only said "I love you" once to me; that was when I was being a rebellious teenager and he was close to giving up on me. We have no family traditions either! Boo.

  2. I'm black and I too have wondered what it would be like to be white....that is until I realized that alot of my ideas about white people came from televison and not neccesarily reality haha. All races/ethnicities have their good and their bad and diversity is awesome.

  3. My dad has only started saying he loves me and that took my husband telling me he didn't want to be married anymore.

  4. let me tell you, big boobs is nothing to strive for. they hurt my back. and are quit annoying. and my family doesnt say i love you either. but also ialways wanted to be asian because I WANT SHINY BLACK HAIR. like a raven. or or or you always seem to be so nicely in shape. and also i really do want small boobies. okay that is all.

  5. I know Asians with big boobs! In a general sense I do agree with you. I think the whole not having to be made aware of your race at awkward times is a nice thing about being White. Or being told you're not "___ enough" by people of your own. I've been told by other Chinese how surprised they are that my family eats Chinese food. Ethnicity isn't binary people. It's a great big mish-mash and nobody can tell you "what" you identify as.

  6. Story. of. my. frickin'. life. Toootaaalllyyy agree with the eyelids one, dating, and surnames. My name, I share with like 2,000,000 people, Wang. My parents actually immigrated US when they were in their 30's so they didn't get Westernized, so they don't speak English. and its a struggle :( But I totally agree with this post. :)


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