Saturday, April 19, 2014

#2014BloggerChallenge - A few #OOTDs

This year in Vancouver, we're lucky. This Spring has been much much much warmer than usual and not that many rainfalls. For once, I can wear my leather jacket without a hoodie and still keep warm (did I mention not even zipped up?!). Today, I decided to just wear a light spring floral scarf and by the end of the day, I was sweating.

I'm loving the warmer weather, especially after freezing my butt off for the past few months!

In no particular order, here's what I wore for the past couple of days:
*Excuse the dirty mirror - I swear I'll get around to cleaning it this weekend!

This cute kitty cat shirt is actually part of The Weeknd's Kissland Tour (2013) merchandise. I was lucky enough to grab the last Small in this... and let me tell you something about artist merchandises - their sizes are HUGE. I guess it's because they print them on male shirts but nonetheless, small is still rather big for me so I prefer to pair it with leggings.

Okay, so... I forgot to take a picture of the actual outfit. But, from the little bits in the corner, I was wearing a pink hoodie on top of my Canucks shirt. I paired it up with leggings and flats... does anyone else wear flats with flats socks?! I think it's disgusting to not wear socks with flats... I mean, you swear socks with boots/runners/etc so why not with flats?

I had my first "professional" job fair - you know, for an actual career rather than just a regular part time job. I had to look professional so I opted for business casual - blazer, dress top, and skinny pants. Yes, you will never catch me with flare pants or whatever. Just no. Skinny or it ain't happening.
(Which reminds me, I really need to update my closet to have more business (casual) attire).

This is my most recent one. I don't have much to say about this look aside from I think it looks a bit preppy. Did I mention I got those jeans for $10 and the top for $5-7? It's a bargain outfit!

Since the warmer weather is here, I've been wearing a lot of leggings/stockings and no more layering with hoodies.

What's your spring style this year?


  1. I LOVE the color of your blouse in the professional outfit!

  2. Can I just say that i LOVE your hair!


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