Friday, April 25, 2014

I stopped after I got 10 straight matches on Tinder

Oh, Tinder, Tinder Tinder... where do I start?

Following my adventures with Badoo, I thought I'd lay off the whole "online 'chatting'" experiences. But, since Lent was over and I just freshly reactivated my account, my friend Kenneth told me to get Tinder because it's a "fun" app to just talk and potentially meet people. He told me his experiences with Tinder and some previous co-worker's experience. I've also read some Tinder experiences from a few blogs I follow.

Here's the thing. I thought of Tinder as a "hot or not" sort of thing. And despite compliments I get, I'm still self-conscious sometimes. So, I was a bit hesitant in joining this thing. I won't know who has "swiped right" for me, but I had this doubt that the people I'll swipe right to won't do the same to me, so I'll be left with very few potential people to chat with. I also have a fear of people I know seeing my profile because Kenneth laughed when we saw mutual friends. He told me, "it's okay, everyone's on Tinder. If they see your profile, you'll come across theirs eventually. Who cares."


Needless to say, that fear is out of the window.

Last night, while I was binge watching on Nip/Tuck (again), I mindlessly browsed Tinder and out of the few guys I swiped right to, they were all matches.


I thought, haha, well this is a joke. So I swiped right for a few more people and... they were all matches. Not even one single non match yet.

And that's when I exited the app and focused on the TV show.

I mean, I'm not talking to all these people, just the few that seems interesting to talk to. Surprisingly, I'm having a great time with Tinder. It's so much better to Badoo to the point where I'd say Badoo gives a bad reputation to chatting.

Tinder is fun and casual. Not one of these guys instantly asked to have sex. These people actually want to get to know you first. And bonus? I don't have creeps messaging me. The fact that you can chat with only matched people makes it so much better to know you guys share a mutual physical attraction. Would I consider meeting one of these people for a lunch date? I'm at the point where I don't see why not. I've exchanged numbers with one of them and conversation is amazing.

Guys, I think I might be jumping into the trend of online dating. I don't think I would ever date someone from online buuuut, I'm getting a feeling that the next relationship would be described as "we met online".

Who knows? I don't even know if I'm ready for a relationship yet but nonetheless, I'm happy to potentially meet new friends.

What's your experiences with Tinder like?


  1. I have never used Tinder but I'm so happy you've found something that works for you! I agree that it seems like a safer place - your post on Badoo had me cringing for you - so Tinder sounds much better, especially because you know the people you're talking to share a mutual attraction like you said.

  2. I have never done the online thing at all...


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