Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday's Five Things I Never Thought Would Happen To Me

In case you missed my awesome #selfie on Instagram.
Life throws you curveballs. All the time.

Being 20, yes, I'm still young but I've also experienced things I didn't think I would ever encounter.

In simpler words, even at a young age of 20, with the whole world right in front of my eyes, life has thrown curveballs at me.

For example:

1. I never thought I would ever be a victim of relationship abuse.

2. Following that, I never thought I'd be pregnant at the age of 19 and going through an abortion (sorry (but not sorry), pro-lifers!).

3. I never thought I'd lose my best friend of 9+ years to her selfishness and wrong priorities.

4. I never thought I would be depressed enough to consider taking my own life / having suicidal thoughts.

5. I never thought I'd have such a strained relationship with my family.

But, nonetheless, life is a journey.

It really is.

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  1. You really are an inspiration to people going through tough times! I have a friend who followed a similar pattern to this when she was between 19 and 20, it was truly awful for her and painful to watch as a friend, so I can only imagine how tough this must have been for you. Keep your head up :)


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