Sunday, May 11, 2014

Graduation Gift Wishlist

I don't graduate until the end of the year, but technically speaking, I'll be out of school in about three months or so and spend the rest of the year working in a co-op or internship.

Although I don't know if my parents meant it, but after my high school graduation, I was given a roundtrip ticket to China for a month with spending money. I considered it a graduation gift since none of my parents or my brother tagged along.

New laptop // iPad Mini // Paid off CCs // Airfare to one of my dream destinations // Apartment (LOL)

This wishlist is probably going to sound extremely spoiled, and trust me, I'm normally not like this but I figured... it's graduation AND it's called a wishlist for a reason, LOL.

  • New laptop. The current one I'm using right now is just old. Plain old. I got it when my previous laptop got stolen. It's not a high end model, but it does it stuff. You know, browsing, editing, Sims, but recently, it's just been crap. I can't watch YouTube videos without it freezing up for a few seconds or so... even if the video is only 30 seconds long! It runs programs smoothly but as a Sims addict, I'd like to have the game in higher quality, and faster. I don't think this current laptop is capable of running The Sims 4.
  • iPad Mini. I have a Samsung tablet, but my friend that works in Apple is sort of persuading me into looking at getting an iPad. The only reason why I don't have an iPad is because I use a tablet for the sole purpose of reading and the iPad lack features that suits me for reading. But, as I'm moving into a new chapter in my life with (hopefully) a new job, I think an iPad can accommodate my reading and working on-the-go.
  • (CC) Debt relief. I don't want someone to pay off my entire 20k of student loans (although that'd be nice), but I at least want my credit card debts to be paid off. It's not much, in total, I have about $1,200 to owe back to my credit cards and the only reason why I'm delaying full payments to pay everything off, is because I don't have a job right now, BUT I pay more than the minimum which helps brings it lower, month by month (I don't touch my CCs anymore) so hopefully by the time I graduate (within 3 months or 6), I'd have a smaller credit card debt.
  • Paid airfare. In high school, I got a trip to China, and yes it was fun but I've been to China so many times. I'd like, for once, to go to one of my dream destinations, and not my parents'. 
  • An apartment. This is most likely unrealistic buuuut, yeah, I want to move out because I'm getting fed up. Either move out of the house or out of the city.

Honestly, for my graduation gift, I'm most likely going to get an iPad. My friend can get me a steep discount on it and it's the most likely gift. Unless my laptop decides to completely die on me.

Graduates, what are some gifts you're hoping for? Or, even treating yourself for?


  1. iPad minis are great! Congrats to you for almost graduating!

  2. Congrats to you! Everyone keeps asking me what I want for my graduation and I'm asking for money to start saving for a Mac Desktop! <3 I really want one! It'd be nice to have more power for desigining, video production, blogging etc. :)

  3. That's so genourous of your parents sending you
    to China + spending money! I'm hoping to graduate
    this year as well c: good luck to both of us! Xx


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