Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Celebrate Canada Day In Style!

I need better collage-making skills...
Canada Day is just one week away and I just realized (and I'm ashamed to admit this), I don't have any Canada clothes!

Nada. Zip.

As in, I don't even know what I wore on Canada Day in the previous years...

So, being frugal with my money, I decided to visit one of my favourite stores online to see some affordable Canada wear I can get before the big celebration.

(This is not an affiliated or promoted post. I actually just enjoy Bluenotes as a store).

Everything in the (horrible) collage above is from the Bluenotes stores. And the best part? Most of these (aside from the hoodies) are $10 and under

And, if you know me, I hate paying for clothes that are more than $10-$15.

I'm planning to visit the store this week and grab a tank top from them and pair it off with my white shorts. And, perhaps the hoodie too... it looks great. Definiately the men's shirt with hockey, beer and bacon!

Super excited to celebrate Canada Day again!

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  1. I got my first Canada related shirt last year, from the Bay. So you're not alone.

    Yay for being Canadian though!! Woot!


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