Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Letter #1 - An Open Letter to my Ex


Dear what's your face,

You're a married man. We haven't talked for a few years since I cut you out of my life, and to be honest, I have no desire to keep in contact with you.

So, when you were off getting married to your "soul mate" whom you've just met a few months ago, I've been living on with my life and having a relationship of my own. My own soul mate.

I understand that your new wife is still out of the country, but that doesn't give you an excuse to start texting me.

I don't appreciate your efforts into getting back in touch with me. I don't appreciate you calling me "hun" in your messages, or telling me to have "wet dreams" when you bid me goodnight. I don't appreciate you dropping off instantly when I refuse your advances to meet up - why do you message me constantly and the moment I say no to your request, you flat out ignore me for a bit?

I'm not a home wrecker and never will be - especially if it comes to you. I don't plan on ruining what I have going on in my life. I don't plan on ever seeing you again, or "meeting up" with you again.

It's not that I hate you, I'm actually indifferent about you. I know you don't have the right intentions, and probably never will.

I'm happy you're no longer in my life. The thought of you bring a horrible pit feeling to my stomach. You bring thing ball of negativity into my life that I really don't need or miss.

So, for the sake of your own marriage and your lovely wife, please stop sending messages to hook up. I'm not down for that shit. I have too much to lose for just one single night.

Your uninterested ex.


  1. This is golden. A weird part of me sort of hopes that he sees this! Haha. Goodness, that is too wrong. Well done for cutting him out of your life!

  2. LOL! I hate to say it, but I sort of hoped his wife would read this - or at least, read his texts, haha. She deserves so much better, to be honest! Poor girl. This guy is soooo toxic, if you ever come to Vancouver, stay away, HAHAHA. #trashtalk

  3. Haha I've actually been considering study abroad America/Canada this time ;) I will definitely stay away if I ever get my bootay over there!

  4. i thought the letter was meant for the bluesclues man on the gif._.
    btw i pity the wife for having a man like him. good you cut him out


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