Sunday, August 31, 2014

My First Cup of Milk... in Years

I'm ending a busy and fun Saturday with a my first glass of milk in years...

And, no, I'm not drunk.

I just can't sleep.

I don't like milk. Particularly because it gives me stomachaches so I've stopped drinking it during my high school years.

I can't say I like the taste of milk. I get my dairy intakes from vitamin pills and lots (lots) of cheese.

But yes.

It's 2AM and I'm drinking milk alone on a Sunday morning.


Thursday, August 28, 2014

10 Things Currently on my Mind

1. My latest selfie. I wish I can wear this outfit everyday.

2. The $2,500 cheque my school still owes me.

3. The idea of getting laser hair removal on my armpits (ouch!).

4. Getting an entry-level HR job.

5. My shopping trip tomorrow for a few Fall essentials.

6. Also, a whole new business casual attire (who else hates this?)

7. My long hair. How I miss my long hair.

8. This photo of Summer from Wednesday.

9. Canucks.

10. Waiting on all my government IDs and credit cards to arrive with my new name.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Name Change Legalized!

I feel like a kid on Christmas + NYE + Birthday + Halloween, etc. etc, because my certificate for name change came in the mail... which only means one thing: my new name is officially legal!

Insane! I was expecting them to be done in September (they told me 8 weeks) but it took MUCH faster, which I ain't complaining!

It's so surreal to have it legalized... it's a feeling I can't explain.

I've updated my Facebook, and the only thing left to do is updated my legal documents and official documents such as banks and credit cards!

Super, super, super, happy!


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Say Hello to 'Exactly, Jess'!

I changed my blog name!

For 4 reasons:
1) I found my high school ex reading my blog which I find extremely uncomfortable.. I mean, I've worked hard to keep this blog on the D-L! (and no, I won't be changing my URL everytime I found out someone has stumbled across my blog)
2) I'm getting fed up with a creeper/stalker named "Stacy". And honestly, if she finds this blog.. well...
3) My blog traffic comes from a lot of spam websites so I want to be able to have an actual representation of my blog visitors
4) As much as I liked my old blog name... it was time to part ways to get rid of people, and also, I felt that the fact that I had 'sushi' in my name made it feel like I had to design my blog with sushi related stuff. Exactly, Jess feels much more personal, and, well, exactly!

PS: I do apologize for the spam of Bloglovin updates... :(

I Got My First Tattoo!

Remember my last blog entry of 2013 when I shared with you my goal to get a tattoo in the new year?

Well... you can obviously tell that I never got it around Jan-Feb of the year. I think I just kept on bailing when I started to think of the pain.

Over the last few days, the urge to get a tattoo came back to me. I felt like I was putting it off long enough already and when I revisited the blog comments, it reassured me that there was essentially no pain (or not extremely painful). I also got inspired to get it when I saw a few Tumblrs and Instagrams with small tattoos.

So, yesterday after my midterm, my impulsiveness came rushing through and the next thing I knew, I was at my local tattoo parlor talking to the receptionist. She reassured me that it's not a big deal and most people hype up the pain. When I was positive that I wanted it done, the tattoo artist, S. came out just time after finishing up with another customer and once again, reassured me that most people realize that the pain of a tattoo isn't that bad. And, both staff members had their inner bicep done and just reassured me it's not the most painful thing.

Just discomforting.

Next thing I knew, I signed the waiver forms and took a seat as I waited for S. to get ready. Oh, my lord, my heart was beating so fast...

Let me just to honest with you...

The experience was amazing! S. talked with me the entire time, made jokes, and put me at ease. The pain factor was hardly there! And I've been told the inner arm is one of the most painful places to get a tattoo! But regardless, it was discomforting, like someone scratching you constantly, and eventually your body does get use to it. It's not the most unbearable thing and the staff members were right - people hype up the pain a lot!

I am in looooooooooooove with it! I think I might consider another small tattoo in the near future too!

Now, I'm more nervous about the healing process... I did not know there were that many things to consider while healing a tattoo...

PS: Bonus story.
During my session, S. and I exchanged conversations about Russell Peters coming into town, and despite the sold out tickets, I told him about Stubhub. As he rung me up, he gave me his business card and told me to email him the Stubhub site too.

Well... one conversation led to another, and the next thing I knew, S. asked me out on date, haha. I shared his Instagram (via business card, no stalking here) and got the physical approval from three of my friends.

Sooo, I'll let you guys know how that turns out! Insane how one small impulsive walk-in decision leads to all this!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

First Week of August in Instagram

Can you believe there's only one month left of summer?!

When I reflect back on my summers back in high school and now, I feel... old. I remember my high school years spent wasting my parent's money (sorry!) with friends at the mall or the park and doing crazy shit.

And now? My summer is spent indoors at work or at school... fuuuuuuun! I mean, don't get me wrong, I can throw in some fun days here and there, or a mini vacation, but it's the not the same, you know? It's not the same as the carefree summer days back in high school.

//1// #ItItOctoberYet? I'm really missing my Canucks boys! //2// Cafe Crepes with Regine and Arcelia on a nice Wednesday afternoon //3// My first letter with my new name from the RCMP. Funny story: my dad thought it was a letter for the downstairs tenants (I haven't changed my address to redirect all letters to my new place so my dad picks them up and drops them off in the evening) but when he saw "RCMP", he instantly "knew" it was a letter for me... geez, thanks Dad, for thinking I'm so involved with the police! //4// I purchased new goodies! I was trying to save my money but ended up forking over $60 at GNC for my bottle shaker and protein powder.

//5// Henna tattoo from the India Live Festival on Granville over the weekend! //6// Clay Hot Pot //7// In class, fueling with coffee with my friend, MJ!

I get the feeling that August is going to fly by pretty soon - which also reminds me that Canucks tickets are on sale soooooon (for the single games!). I'm wrapping up my final course (Leadership) and then my commencement ceremony is being held next month! So surreal to be a graduate already! And yes - it's a great feeling to be done with school while all my friends are dreading the start of a new semester... hahahha!

Along with the wonderful Instagram photos, this week also included: debating on renewing my Steve Nash gym membership ($35/month) or switch to She's Fit ($15) buuut Steve Nash is walking distance for me - lit. 5 mins, and with the colder weather coming, it'll be more convenient.

This week also consisted of me leaving my previous co-op job with the hostel. It was sad to go, seeing that I've met a lot of great people and enjoyed my employment perks, but since I'm graduating next month, it's time to look for something bigger and better! A new challenge for my growing career!

I'm also trying to gain weight. I'll document my journey on getting fat (or attempting to) for y'all.

Oh yeah, for all you beauty buffs out there... I just discovered BB Cream... woooow.
#magical #flawless #iwokeuplikethis

Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday's Five Things to Consider When Moving In With Your Significant Other


Moving in with your boyfriend/girlfriend is a fun experience. It can be scary for some, as it's the "next level" in your relationship. It can be a hassle if you guys break up. It can be a hassle when you guys argue and need space to cool down.

All of these contributes to consideration in moving in with your significant other. In my experiences, here's 5 things to consider the most when you and your significant want to move in together.

1. Consider his/her schedule
Not every couple of have the same schedule. Perhaps, you wake up an hour earlier than him/her? Or maybe one of you is a night owl. In my experiences, my significant other wakes up at 4:30AM weekday for work and I normally wake up at 7AM - which means I'm woken up at 4:30AM to fall back asleep for another 2.5 hours. I also stay up later than he does. He sleeps at 8PM to ensure he gets a full 8 hour sleep for work. I sleep at 12AM because my body can run on less than 8 hours. That means, during the time he's trying to fall asleep, I'm making noise from the TV shows I'm watching.

Considering each other schedule can change your mood, habits and daily activities. You also have to consider the different tasks you two will split in terms of household chores to go along with your schedules. For example, if someone gets home at 4PM, he/she will start cooking dinner rather than having the one coming home at 6PM.

2. Consider your comfortableness level
If you guys aren't comfortable enough to talk about farts, poops, burps, etc, let alone do the actions, you guys are no where near ready to move in. Remember that moving in means seeing all the "nasty". That means when you walk by the bathroom door and it's locked, he's probably takin a dump. It means that you will fart in front of him while watching a movie.

A good way to test your comfortableness level is going on a vacation together. Staying even through the weekends can give you a glimpse of his/her habits when you're not around.

3. Consider your feelings
Personally, I believe that once you guys move in, feelings shouldn't drop to a lower level. It should remain the same or even increase. Whenever I head home, I feel the same as I would if we were just meeting up on Tuesday after two days of not seeing each other. Seeing each other on a daily basis should make you feel happy, excited, loved. It should not make you feel annoyed.

4. Consider each other financial habits/plans
I'm not saying you will need to get a joint bank account right now, but you need to consider each other spending habits. I spend a lot, he doesn't. But we share the same expenses - rent, food, utilities, entertainment, etc. Pressure and intensity can raise if you're forcing your significant other to pay for your share of things because you spent too much on your shopping spree.

5. Consider each other daily habits
We all know that we "act" differently around our significant others. In terms like we wouldn't pick our nose, or try not to hog the bathroom for too long, etc. etc. But all of this will come into light when you pick up. If he never farted around you because he was embarrassed, get ready to hear/smell his farts. If he doesn't know you like to throw your clothes on your floor, he would now.

Little habits can get on each other nerves once they're exposed but learn to work through them and compromise here and there to get better results.

Monday, August 4, 2014

#2014BloggerChallenge - Favourite Movies

I'm not a movie buff but I do enjoy catching movies in theatres and rewatching the good ones at home on a nice rainy day.

A few of my favourite movies includes:

1. Harry Potter Series

2. Matilda

3. Titanic

4. Fast and Furious 5

I absolutely hate The Notebook and The Lakehouse.
And most recently, The 5 Year Engagement on Netflix. Don't waste your time on that.