Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday's Five Things to Consider When Moving In With Your Significant Other


Moving in with your boyfriend/girlfriend is a fun experience. It can be scary for some, as it's the "next level" in your relationship. It can be a hassle if you guys break up. It can be a hassle when you guys argue and need space to cool down.

All of these contributes to consideration in moving in with your significant other. In my experiences, here's 5 things to consider the most when you and your significant want to move in together.

1. Consider his/her schedule
Not every couple of have the same schedule. Perhaps, you wake up an hour earlier than him/her? Or maybe one of you is a night owl. In my experiences, my significant other wakes up at 4:30AM weekday for work and I normally wake up at 7AM - which means I'm woken up at 4:30AM to fall back asleep for another 2.5 hours. I also stay up later than he does. He sleeps at 8PM to ensure he gets a full 8 hour sleep for work. I sleep at 12AM because my body can run on less than 8 hours. That means, during the time he's trying to fall asleep, I'm making noise from the TV shows I'm watching.

Considering each other schedule can change your mood, habits and daily activities. You also have to consider the different tasks you two will split in terms of household chores to go along with your schedules. For example, if someone gets home at 4PM, he/she will start cooking dinner rather than having the one coming home at 6PM.

2. Consider your comfortableness level
If you guys aren't comfortable enough to talk about farts, poops, burps, etc, let alone do the actions, you guys are no where near ready to move in. Remember that moving in means seeing all the "nasty". That means when you walk by the bathroom door and it's locked, he's probably takin a dump. It means that you will fart in front of him while watching a movie.

A good way to test your comfortableness level is going on a vacation together. Staying even through the weekends can give you a glimpse of his/her habits when you're not around.

3. Consider your feelings
Personally, I believe that once you guys move in, feelings shouldn't drop to a lower level. It should remain the same or even increase. Whenever I head home, I feel the same as I would if we were just meeting up on Tuesday after two days of not seeing each other. Seeing each other on a daily basis should make you feel happy, excited, loved. It should not make you feel annoyed.

4. Consider each other financial habits/plans
I'm not saying you will need to get a joint bank account right now, but you need to consider each other spending habits. I spend a lot, he doesn't. But we share the same expenses - rent, food, utilities, entertainment, etc. Pressure and intensity can raise if you're forcing your significant other to pay for your share of things because you spent too much on your shopping spree.

5. Consider each other daily habits
We all know that we "act" differently around our significant others. In terms like we wouldn't pick our nose, or try not to hog the bathroom for too long, etc. etc. But all of this will come into light when you pick up. If he never farted around you because he was embarrassed, get ready to hear/smell his farts. If he doesn't know you like to throw your clothes on your floor, he would now.

Little habits can get on each other nerves once they're exposed but learn to work through them and compromise here and there to get better results.


  1. This made me smile! I've had a few people wonder about whether or not my boyfriend and I will move in together when we are both living in London next year for university. We'll still be about an hour away from each other so I think location is something to consider too if you don't work near to each other. I do also think it depends a little bit on how old you are and how long you've been together - not that either of those things should stop you moving in with someone, but they might be things to consider.

  2. Good list. You should definitely also consider how you spend your free time. Some people might feel pressured to do something together instead of doing what they would rather do if they lived separately like curl up with a book or something. If handled incorrectly this might lead to feeling suffocated by each other.

  3. Love this post! My husband and I will be married 21 years on August 17th! Nothing he or I do surprises the other! Oh the stories I could tell! Sure wish this post was around when I was dating him! Lol...Found you through Noor Place and I absolutely love the title of your blog!

  4. I really love this list. Made me stop for a while and think twice; not in a bad way though. Moving in together is such a huge step to take in a relationship and this list will surely help couples to reconsider if they're ready or not. :)

  5. You're very thoughtful and planning ahead will make it so much easier for you to accommodate yourself to sharing your life with your significant other. I've nominated you for a sunshine award, you can read all about it here:


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