Sunday, January 4, 2015

Goodbye Blogger...

And hello WordPress!

After brutally cutting up my first ever Visa (you'd be missed dearly...)Snapchat-4362934738068805032I decided to treat myself to switching over to self hosted WordPress. I loved Blogger, don't get me wrong but since reading Nadine's and several other's experiences about switching over to WordPress, I felt like being self hosted was calling my name!

I stayed up til 4AM last night (and even then still not finish with everything) migrating over to WP. Okay, so it didn't take ALL day to complete the process but I had to configure all these widgets and plug ins and for the longest time I thought my site was down but it turned out to be my browser acting up... so, nonetheless, it took me about a day to complete the process.

If you are more savy than I am, I'll promise you it wouldn't take that long.

One of my goals in the blogging world is to increase followers and rediscover my love for blogging. WordPress is extremely fun to play with, still getting used to some things but nonetheless, a reward for me. I took the step to cutting up my Visa to save money and to reward myself, I chose to purchase a hosting package from NameCheap. Being the cheapass that I am, it's the cheapest hosting package I could find (for the amount of free space and bandwidth).

So, farewell Blogger, I will never forget you, and hello WordPress (again....)!

I'll be making changes from time to time this week so excuse the mess!

PS: WordPress was where I first met Kendel <33333


  1. Yeah it is ;) Hahaha I'm seriously considering switching to self-hosted now too! Gah. I'll see where this year takes me and decide before I have to pay for my domain again ;)
    (Also, cause I'm a link nut, you needa fix Nadine's link hehe you wrote eastendblog instead of eastandblog ;) ) You really, really have to tell me how this goes because I might take the plungeeeee!

  2. Dooooooooo it!!! Take the plunge like I did... I can't stop coming back to WordPress! Haha, don't worry, for you, I'd make a special post about WP! And thaaaaaaaaaaaank you for the heads up! I hate wrong URLS, I'm fixing it now!


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