Sunday, May 24, 2015

Why I Left Self-Hosting WP for Free WP (Je Suis Jessica)

If I was a regular reader, I'd slap myself for changing my blog... again.

Yes, not even a year into my self hosted blog (and after preaching about moving to self hosted), I realized it's not for me. I had a first year promo rate, but after the first year, I would be paying nearly $100/year just to maintain my blog.

And, as someone that's cutting back on literally everything in life to save money for my move to New Zealand, $100/year is expensive compared to a free service and a yearly domain fee.

I don't make money from my blog. I don't consider myself a professional blogger so all the fancy SEO plug ins, and expensive themes weren't for me. I can go months without blogging and it wouldn't matter to me. But to know I cough up $100/year and not blog sort of eats at me.

I wanted to go back to Blogger but the process of moving my posts from Wordpress to Blogger was a hassle and lately, my life doesn't have time for stuff like that. So I chose to go back to WordPress which works out for the best and caters to what I need. It is a bit more expensive ($17 more) than Blogger, but I think I fell in love with WordPress over Blogger :P

That being said, I also needed a new URL for WordPress. Exactly, Jess was taken but I wanted to have my name in my URL since it is a personal blog. I wanted French in my URL as well and next thing I knew, I came up with Je Suis Jessica. After claiming that URL, I realized there's also Je Suis Charlie which in no means, did I "copy" their name. As bad as it sound, Je Suis Charlie was no where near my mind until I realized how 'familiar' my URL sounded.

Soooo, this is the last change for my blog, I promise. Even I'm getting tired of brainstorming new URLs and moving my blog back and forth!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

9 Months with a New Name

I can't believe it's been nearly a year since I submitted my forms to request a legal name change! I remember rushing to almost every major government offices to change my IDs and files. I remember my schools and bank acknowledging my legal name change without hesitation and started calling me by my legal name.

Under Canadian law, it's an offense to continue using IDs with your previous name so between you and I... I haven't updated my passport yet and I've been using it to cross borders :P I'm working on it this month! That's the last official government documentation that I need to update!

I'm not going to lie - some people get confused when they find out I have a "white" surname. The first instinct is asking if I'm mixed (I even look mixed at times). I shrug it off because if I said no, it'd cause more confusion for them. For those who haven't met me but know my name and meet me after (eg. during my interview with my school), they're surprised to see a Chinese girl in front of them.

I'm not offended by it because I'm not a mixed child, I'm not married and I'm not adopted. So, naturally, the confusion and surprise of a random "white" surname is expected.

I don't tell people what I told you guys when I changed my name. I don't have to and I don't owe anyone the story. It's complicated and it's personal.

Right now, I'm happy with my name. I love my name so much. Sure there's no ancestral or historical meaning behind it. Hell, today I learned my last name is a Welish name! My "new" name flows through my tongue so naturally than my previous name did.

It's weird to see old stuff with my previous name. I still feel embarrassed when I see stuff with my old name (eg. my high school diploma).

But, regardless, I'm happy for myself. My dad isn't too thrilled (no surprise) but he's slowly accepting it. My mum has accepted it. My brother is indifferent about it. My friends are happy for me but I see their contact for me on their phone is still under my previous name. I appreciate EVERYONE that looks at my name and doesn't question anything. No questions, no surprise looks, etc.

A name is so much more than just letters string together. I make no regrets changing my name and "going back" against my family. Despite our differences, I do love them but I feel so much better with a different name :)

I wonder if I'd get the same feeling when I take my future husband's name :P

Until then, I enjoy being "JCP"!