Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I'm Feelin' 22!

Cue Taylor Swift's 22 song, please!

I've spent 21 years on earth and finally enter my 22nd year.

I've been asked if I feel any older since turning 22 and nope, nada. I feel young, inspired, and motivated. As cliche as it sounds, I'm excited to explore the world and myself in my 20s.

Because my birthday lands on a Tuesday this year, I decided to celebrate it last Saturday.

I originally didn't plan on doing anything for my birthday because I'm not one to celebrate my birthday a lot. I get excited for it but that's about it. The birthday gathering was suggested by Brenden, my co worker and next thing I knew, everyone at work and two of my best friends decided to join in, despite the last minute invite.
All dolled up and ready for the evening!
Some of us arrived at the Cambie at 5:30PM which was incredibly early but the Cambie is a place where it gets packed quickly on Saturday night. And how quickly? By 6-6:30PM, nearly all the big tables were claimed inside the bar and outside as well. There was already a line up at 8PM!

One of my favourite co-workers, Sara!

Everyone else arrived later on.

It was filled with laughter, bantering, insults, and love. I couldn't ask for a better 22nd birthday celebration or co workers to celebrate it with. Honestly, these co-workers have been the best I've ever had in such a short period of time.

I didn't take many photos shortly after 6PM because I was already drunk and my phone was dying... seriously, smartphones have the WORST battery life nowadays!

After hours and hours, remember, half of us started drinking at 5:30PM and it was now 11:30PM. We decided to hit The Pint but the line up was waaaaay too long and skipped over to The Blarney Stone which was much much better. Smaller dance floor but the live music was better!

It's weird to party with your co-workers because everyone is so close in age, we get pretty drunk and wild. I'm slightly dreading Monday where I have to face everyone... sober, HAHA. It's the first time all of us actually gathered around and drank together. Summer was way too busy and everyone had plans of their own.

I welcomed my 22nd year on earth with great people, kissed a girl for the first time, puked in the bathroom (lovely, eh?) and made some amazing new friends.

Couldn't ask for a better birthday!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving!

I swear, I would never get tired of using glitter graphics.

It's Thanksgiving in Canada!

This year, I'm thankful for...

  • Working today because it's a stat holiday which means stat pay... yaaaas. I know that sounds selfish but I would like the extra cash since I work 4 days/week now
  • Family for supporting my decisions in life about travels, schools, friends, guys, political decisions, etc. etc.
  • Friends for understanding about my busy schedule with full time work and school
  • Being employed at one of the best workplaces ever and being employed in general. I can't ask for a better place to work right now
  • Being able to get a post-secondary education and wrapping up my last year of my undergrad
  • Living in Canada. As my move to NZ is getting closer and closer, I'm more thankful for Canada and its glory. Also, the elections are coming up which makes me reflect on how lucky I am to be able to vote freely
  • All the wonderful life changing inspirational people I've met this summer. Mark, Michal and Jenny all taught me to forget about money and travel, travel, travel
  • Almost reaching 22 years of life on Earth... seriously, only 8 more days to go!
  • The roof above my head, clothes on my back and excess cash to buy junk food
  • Sushi. All the sushi in the world.
I'm sure I have much more to be thankful for but these are the things I'm most grateful for this year. I'm so excited to exercise my right to vote and start my last year of my undergrad degree!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Business Review: Zenni Optical

I think everyone can agree that having an impaired eyesight can add up with purchases of contacts or glasses. I use both contacts and glasses and there are times when I look at glasses and think, geezus, where would I ever find $600 to fork out for just one pair of glasses? And God forbid I break those!

In comes Zenni Opticals, an online glasses store. Zenni Optical offers affordable eyewear for kids, women and men, and has frames starting as low as $6.95!

I decided to order the Blue Acetate-Rim Frame #445816 because I wanted a pair of blue glasses and the frame was only $30. The basic lens were free but I also ended up paying about $5 for standard anti-reflecting coating and shipping to Canada ($10).

Zenni Optical took 1.5 weeks or so to produce the glasses and a few days to arrive to my doorstep. In all, it took about two weeks for me to receive these pair of glasses.

To be honest, I find it hard to believe these frames were only $30! The quality of the frames are up to par and I've thrown them into my bag without a protective case and it still survived at the end of the day. In addition, because I opted for the basic free lens, I was surprised at how strong they are - in my bag filled with keys, sharp books, etc. I'm surprised the lens aren't damaged or scratched.

Now, I'm not sure if it's the pair of glasses I chose, but the downside of an online store is obviously the lack of physical testing. Zenni Optical allows you to upload a photo to see roughly how you would look with the pair. When I wore these pair of glasses, there was no support around the bridge area so the glasses would always slide down my nose and it's extremely frustrating... especially in the summer time! I ended up getting it fixed in person in a local optical store but it still didn't fix the problem.

The glasses came with a protective case and a cleaning cloth.

All in all, Zenni Optical provides quality frames in a cheap price. They have great stock of frames available in wide ranges of colours and styles. They took two weeks to complete my order and ship to Canada. I haven't had any problems with the ordering or billing so I haven't touched based with their customer service but their policies and customer service seems to be reasonable.

Long gone are my days forking out hundreds and hundreds of dollars for a pair of glasses. Whenever I'm in the mood to switch up my frames, Zenni Optical is one the first places I check for frames.

For anyone skeptical about the quality of online frames because of their prices, definitely give Zenni Optical a try! I'm all about being frugal without compromising styles and quality so Zenni Optical meets me halfway.
*Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored by Zenni Optical. I am in no way affiliated with the company nor does this blog represents Zenni. Product(s) shown here were purchased with my own money.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

I Need a New Hobby

Summer and I feel like we need a new hobby.

Alright, I take that back. Summer's hobby is sleeping and eating like a queen, but me???

I'm stuck.

On the top of my mind, I guess you can say my hobbies includes reading, writing (ish), blogging, and Netflix. I don't know if going to the gym counts as a hobby but eh.

I feel like I need a new hobby to better myself (and maaaaybe just make some pocket money). But, more so, to better myself.

I'm in need a new affordable hobby whiiiiich is stumping me so much! I see people's Instagram and they're all filled with nice pictures of their activities/hobbies and all I want to do is find a new one.


I started photography back in 8th grade and stopped several years ago when my DSLR got stolen. I saved up my money and purchased another DSLR but by then, I lost interest in photography. I've been toying with the idea of getting back into it but that would mean investing in a DSLR, lens and accessories again (since I sold all my equipment). Right now, I'm not currently in a position to spend a lot because my ultimate goal is to move overseas. I was on another blog and the blogger recommended an Olympus camera with interchangeable lenses that was good in quality and very very affordable. It's not a big Canon DSLR but it's good enough to suffice for a hobbyist photographer soooo....


Blogging has always been my hobby for a loooong time but I need something else outside of the blogging world. Nothing can replace blogging!


I read a lot already, haha. I'm starting to run out of interesting books to read!


Believe it or not, I used to write a lot. I wrote stories, short stories, poems, etc. etc. I've thought about getting back into writing but the moment I launch Microsoft Word and write out the first chapter or something, I lose interest in it instantly. Also, because I've stopped writing stories so long ago, I feel the stories I write now are rusty compared to before

Knitting/Stitch Crossing

I've fancied this hobby for a while but when I looked into the materials, I got so overwhelmed. I saw yarn selling for $70! A lot of people say it's really easy to start knitting so I might pick it up if any materials are deemed affordable for my budget, haha. I'm feeling I'm a bit impatient to learn the basics of tools and knitting.


If I started cooking, I would have to buy a whole new set of pots and measuring cups, and everything because my household lacks those. That would eat a lot of my money right there. A part of wants to bake and cook but the amount of items I would need to purchase haunts me! Still trying to save here!


I thought about picking up coding to earn some pocket money but the moment I start looking at online lessons, I just get stressed out. I guess being a full time student is also hindering me to learn anything else and dedicate the hours needed for it.

Sometimes, I feel like I'm making way too many excuses in finding a new hobby because I'm content with the activities I do to fill my time. I want to expand my experiences so maybe I'd pick one off the list of hundreds of hobbies recommended to me and go for it!

I never realized how difficult it is to find a new hobby when you're in your 20s.