Saturday, November 28, 2015

I'm Only 22...

I'm going to be real honest with you.

I'm only 22 but I think about the future a lot.

I know a handful of people who are in their late 20s and in their 30s that aren't settled down. Settled down in terms of a partner/marriage, stable career, financially, etc.

But yet, I understand that society is changing. We're being more selfish and putting ourselves first. There are so many studies that shows people are putting off having a family. People would rather travel the world before settling into a comfortable desk job.

And that confuses the hell out of me.

I want to be selfish. I want to see the world first before settling into my career. I want to spend a million hours with my loved one before sharing him with our future kids. I want to colour my hair in every shade of the rainbow before I need to keep it calm and professional. I want to be selfish.

Since having my heart broken for the first time by a boy a while back and then having my heart slightly bruised earlier this year, I realized I don't want a relationship right now. I can legitimately say I'm not interested in dating. Sure, there are days when I wish I had a relationship - then I hop online to make an OkCupid account (only to delete it one week later) - but when I arrange to meet up with a date, I either bail or give them a cold front and never message back.

I like being alone. Maybe I like it too much.

It takes me forever to find someone I want to date. Not because I'm butt ugly or anything - it's just the fact that I'm picky with the people I want to invest my time with. In between each serious relationship isn't filled with hook ups and meaningless sex; it's filled with casual dates that I think I want to date but turns out, he's not right for me. But mostly, it's just be focusing on finishing school and booking a flight overseas.

I want to be selfish for my own goods. I want to invest in my career and travel the world. But at the same time, I want to be with someone that I can spend my vacations with and rant about my job to.

Seeing all my older friends not in a relationship really scares me. I don't want that. I don't want to be 30 and single, even if society says it's perfectly normal now.

No offense to any of those who are in their 30s and single.

I had a childhood dream that I'd be married by mid 20's and have a family and good career before 30. Realistically, that's not going to happen.

I'm 22 and I'm worried that I'm going to be "alone" in my 30s. I'm 22 and I have this urge to invest in myself but a part of me wants someone to share it all with.

I thought being in your 20s was all fun and games. A decade to mess around and find yourself. But what if you already did that? What if you know who you are and what you're about? What if you know what you want and determined to do it? ... But, you know if you invest in one thing, you'd put something else on hold.

Sometimes, it's not the best thing to think too far into the future.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Goodbye November!! [in a bit]

Today at work, as I was processing our members' monthly gym fees, it just hit me that we're in the last week of November. And there's only one month left in 2015.

I got Christmas music playing already, and I do not care for all those haters.

It's funny that I have biiiiig ideas and inspiration for my blog for the next year but when I load up my blog, there's literally only two posts for November this year.

Like seriously. I hate how I have this surge of motivation and inspiration but give it a few months and it's gone. As fast it came.

My co-worker gave me an undercut styled like a lotus. He's training to be a barber and I offered my hair for him to learn. It's so cool - I've gotten tons of compliments on it but my hair grows out super fast so within a week, the design was gone.

November hasn't been interesting. It's been productive, I'd tell you that much.

It's been filled with work... full time work really drains you if you're balancing full time school as well.

I literally do my essays at work during my break...

November has been inspiring.

It has inspired me to have some plans for this blog.

It has inspired me to pick up photography again! I created a Flickr again and currently in the process of uploading my old work.

Right now, I'm also looking at cameras. I've always been a Canon girl but in reality, the DSLR is too big to carry around with me everytime. I've started looking into mirrorless cameras and settled on the Olympus PEN E-PL7.

If this camera looks familiar, it's probably because you've seen it being raved about. Bloggers and vloggers everywhere are raving about this camera and I can see why! I did intensive research on this little camera and settled on all the pros rather than the cons. I haven't purchased it yet because I really miss Canon but I know realistically this camera is better suited for me.

So, I'm brushing up on my photography knowledge again. I'm inspired to shoot better pictures for my blog next year. I'm also considering doing vlogs since it'd be easier with this camera! I'm super excited to revamp everything for next year!

I've also been bitten by the travel bug. Another reason for me to pick up a camera again is the thought of traveling and using my photography to earn some pocket side income.

Right now I'm looking at Worldpackers for the next place I can travel and work. Right now, I'm learning towards Ireland, South America and somewhere in Europe (like Greece). Which means I might be moving next year for 2-5 months!

Regardless of where I hope to move for a few months, I think this camera (and a possible Long Champ bag) would be my last big purchase until I book my next airline ticket. I got one year of school left which means I got one year left to save as much money as I possibly can.

Soooo, I'm ending this year with a hectic schedule. Work, school, and blog!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Hello November!

Can you believe it's November already? We literally have two months left until 2016! I know everyone says this all the time, but damn, this year went by pretty fast.

Vancouver is kicking off November with rain pour this past weekend! I'm all for the rain except when it slows down work like crazy - I enjoy a fast paced environment to pass the time quickly.

To kick off Halloween, my co workers and I bought treats for the team. We work in a gym so if any of our members saw the stuff we keep in the staff room (cakes included), we'll have a hell, haha. But, perks of working in the gym? We get to burn it off as quick as we ate it.

Our company also decided to host a costume party! I'm not a fan of Halloween so my go-to costume of being a cat got some rad reviews. It's the first time I've ever done winged eyeliner which I'm extremely satisfied with! Other co workers came in as pikachu, grumpy cat, ninja, power ranger, gorilla and a hippie. Sadly enough, our gym didn't win because all the other gym locations had themes going on and we didn't haha. Our costumes were all over to place.

But, hey, I make a cute kitty, haha.

Morning view of the Waterfront at around 7:40ish. Vancouver is so beautiful....

Do you ever get bored during your break and take selfies? Welcome to my break, haha.

Honestly, I'm thinking about 2016. November and December are going to zoom right by.

I just purchased a planner for 2016 because I get the feeling that next year it's going to be hectic since I'd be trying to cram my studies before my NZ trip, my NZ trip itself, savings, and wrapping up my degree. Insane to think I have 3 semesters aka 1.5 years left until I graduate and apply for a working holiday visa somewhere.

It's still two months ago but I'm thrilled for 2016. Right now, November and December are just filler months to get as much work and save as much as I can before the new year.