Monday, June 6, 2016

EP. 5 | Sushi & Sims, and EP. 6 | Welcome to Devonport Vlogs (New Zealand Trip Recap pt. 2)

Oh, boy...

This recap is LONG overdue! I've been meaning to get through the rest of my NZ trip but life caught up with me. Anyways, enjoy this week's recap! :D

When we found our mutual love over sushi and the Sims, we both agreed that one day, we will just have sushi and play the Sims... well, Kendel and I can officially cross that off our friendship bucket list!

Massey University looks like it's something out of California!

The beautiful Massey library.

... and their odd golden statue of a chicken wing.

The next day we went to explore Devonport. For those who are wondering, Devonport reminds me of Stevenson, BC. Anyways, it's sooooooo beautiful. I absolutely love Devonport and if I had to pick a place to live in Auckland, it's most likely be Devonport.

Wow, can we just talk about the beauty of New Zealand's landscape? It's a mixture of hills, flatness, greens and blues. I'm so used to seeing the beautiful mountains back at home, it's refreshing to see a different landscape!


  1. I HAVE BEEN WAITING TO SEE THIS FOR SO LONG! Haha. Devonport is pretty damn lovely! I want to go and explore it again...but it won't be the same without you :(

    1. I knooooooooow, hahaha it's sooooo long overdue and can't forget about the other vlogs! It'd come... eventually :P

      I miss Devonport toooooo, I should totally make a trip back ;)

  2. Ahh, New Zealand is on my travel bucket list! :] So gorgeous!!

    1. Definitely check New Zealand out if you ever can. I sometimes can't believe how beautiful that country is!


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